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New York State Spas

You came to New York for the water. PUNGTLY sulphurous water bubbles up from the floor next to a 1970s clinic in Clifton Springs, N.Y., south-east of Rochester, and I dive into it. In other words, the water from a water source known for its medicinal qualities in the nineteenth centuary was drawn from a creek under the grass of the clinic into a new spas where I went more to relax than to heal, and a nursing staff was preparing a warm bathr.

I gently enter the tea-coloured waters in a cheerful, light violet room. If knocking on the doors comes to my planned massages, I'm sorry to run the kettle off. New York is hardly known as the centre of spa life. However, in the nineteenth, the gold era of spa bottled waters, at least 50 New York cities spread from Long Island to Lake Ontario had resort or sanitarium based on subterranean waters tied with minerals such as magnesia, limestone, calcium, potash, uranium and sulphure.

"New York had more spas than any other state," says Charlotte Wytias, programme director at the Clifton Spring Hospital spas. Every possible curative power was used for the water, which often has a metal or marshy flavour and aroma. "A 1850s guide said, "Life at the sources is an eternal celebration.

The Clifton Spring is one of the few cities in New York still holding a license to soak in bottled waters. However, with spas again a hotspot for tourists (albeit in the 21 st century), interest is increasing again. "Cities realize they are seated on goldmines," said Ms. Wytias, a member of the New York Spas Alliance executive committee of five-year-old New York Spas, who works with spas proprietors, physicians, governments, and guardians to revitalize the state's sources of minerals.

There are a few quaint old and New York establishments where you can sunbathe, and some spooky spas that you can see. It is soothing, fun and sensual, but don't get cured. At the height of water, New York City' water sources were "the noblest," said Thomas A. Chambers, Niagara University lecturer of Niagara University in Lewiston, N.Y., and writer of The Water's Doctoral Thesis:

Creation of an American recreational class in 19th century springs" (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2002). Maybe the fancy ones were in Saratoga. Saratoga Springs' nicknamed Spa City, some of Victoria's four-star resorts still have circumferential verandas to linger in between the two. There are only two spas left in the city with crystal waters: the private 20-year-old Crystal Spa in front of Saratoga Spa State and the Roosevelt state spas from the 1930s, which are situated deeply in the park's pinewoods.

By sprinkling a little bit of lubricating oils into his bathroom, which almost completely covered the scent of minerals, my selection of Adirondack Woods resulted in a nice scent of freshness pepper. In 1804, in 1804, south of Saratoga, at Medbery Inn & Spa in the slightly ragged city of Ballston Spa, there is an already romantically designed spa with a spring.

" However, the sources were finally partially developed and the largest of them, the Sans Souci, was pulled down in 1887. At first I did not recognise the sparkling wine because it contains a tangy additional fragrance and a thick layer of foam solution. Mr. Taisey, when I invited to an interviewer a few week later, said that "many definitely believe in the curative, therapeutical quality of running hot tubs and doing great pre-treatments" for massage and other bodywork.

"He said, "People are calling us so happily and with relief that they have again water again. At Dansville, 45 leagues southwest of Rochester, Krog Corporation was awarded a $2.5 million subsidy in January to transform the castle on the hill, an deserted sanatorium on a mineral-sprinkled hillside, into a health and beauty centre with a community spas.

Situated in the centre of Clyde, 40 leagues eastwards of Rochester, the city council is burrowing a well in its long-lasting source and plans to supply taps and signposts. Sharon Springs, 45 leagues due west of Albany, Sharon Springs Inc. "We' ll also have labels in many different tongues to explain what kind of waters and how good they are for you," Kyusung Cho, Managing Director of the Queens based group, said in an Queens area.

DIE Quellen Integrative Medicine Center & Spa (2 Coulter Road, Clifton Springs, N.Y.; 315-462-0390; www.thespringsofclifton. com) is located at Clifton Springs Hospital, 25 Leagues SE of Rochester. Coming from Interstate 90, take junction 43 to Route 96-East and turn southwards on Kendall Street to Clifton Springs. Minerals baths begin at $20, and an hours massages is $60.

Right up the road is Clifton Pearl (46 East Main St; 315-462-5050), a recently renovated Victory bedroom. Double rooms begin at $179; a Springs treatment pack begins at $309. Situated on Route 50, reachable from junction 12 on Interstate 87. From $150, the guesthouse has 11 rooms and provides $16 spa and $65 massage.

Roosevelt Spa (39 Roosevelt Drive in Saratoga Spa State Park, on Route 9 at junction 13 on I-87; 518-226-4790) is a state-run Georgian hospital building dating from the 1930'. The spa has a range of spa treatments (from $25), a range of massages (Swedish, from $85) and physical packs (maple sycamore peeling, $95).

There is a shared website: Just a quick ride from the gardens, the Crystal Spa (120 South Broadway, Saratoga Springs; 518-584-2556; www.thecrystalspa. com) provides $21 spa minerals, $45 massage and various aromas of wrap and aromatherapy, with the addition of $85 worth of candy.

At Sharon Spring, which can be reached from junction 29 of the I-90 or junction 21 on the I-88, the baths are shut, but the visitor can enjoy a glass of water from the still open sulphur sources under a 20s Pavillon along Main Street.

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