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Attractions in Spain

Real Palace (Plan your visit) Running of the Bulls (Where to Stay) La Concha (Where to Stay) Aqueduct of Segovia (Where to Stay) Cuenca (Where to Stay) Ibiza (Where to Stay) Sagrada Familia (Where to Stay) El Escorial (Plan your visit) Book your tickets online for the most important things to do in Spain on TripAdvisor: This is your complete guide to all the major attractions in Spain, with information on every destination, including travel tips from locals and travellers. Explore the best attractions of Spain like Alhambra, Real Alcázar and La Sagrada Família. Guidebook to the top attractions in Spain. The best thing Spain has to do, one for each of its best cities.

Spain's Top Attractions - Enjoy History, Culture & Beaches

When your vision of a great vacation lies on one of Spain's hundred fine sandy shores, then Spain is definitely the land for you, and with over 5,000 kilometers of coast to chose from, as they say...... the agony of choices. So if you are planning a seaside vacation, the following guidebook to the top attractions in Spain will be a great help.

There should be named the top 10 Spain best beach, then I thought well for many good reason, e.g. situation, private sphere, cleanness, kind of activity and much more, everyone has an idea, see our leader to the best beach in Spain. Ninety percent of all Spanish tourists will spend their holidays on one of Spain's renowned coasts, stretching from Catalonia in the northeast to Huelva in the southwest and from Galicia to Santander in the north.

The Costas are the lifeblood of Spain's tourist industry. Discover the coast of Spain: The Costa de la Luz, Costa Almeria, Costa Brava, Costa Azahar, Costa Banca, Costa Dorada and the renowned Costa del Sol. Well-known for its tapas ("small dishes"), Spain has probably been tasted in one way or another by most people.

Andalusia, in the south of Spain. This is one of the most historical and diverse towns in Spain. But if you could only go to one town in Spain, it should definitely be Granada. It is a historical town, offering the visitor the opportunity to explore an authentically and abundant mixture of Spain's cultural and Arabian heritage, alongside the contemporary, cozy atmosphere.

It is also an ideal starting point for exploring the remainder of the area. You can indulge yourself in one of the many centrally located tappas banks, bustling nightclubs and open-air cafés throughout the town.

Spain's second largest town and seaside resort, home to some of Europe's most prestigious attractions with a vibrant metropolitan ambience and attractions in every nook and cranny - from the Sagrada Familia, Mount Tibidabo and Montserrat to the lovely neighbourhoods of La Rambla and Paseo de Gracia. It is a town in which the arts, arquitecture and civilization merge into something very unique.

Around the town there are famous sandy spots and a beautiful nature, as well as the harbour of Barcelona and its funicular. Travelers come from all over the globe to see the city's countless attractions and to enjoy its cuisine, cultural life and unbelievable night life; within Spain, Madrid is the most frequented town and the forth in Europe.

Madrid is a true pleasure for everyone - the ideal place to see what Spain is all about and the opportunity to integrate into Spanish folk tradition in this extraordinary city. North of Cuatro Torres (the four magnificent high-rises; Madrid's greatest achievements in recent times), Chamartin and the Paseo de la Castellana is the finance and commercial district of Madrid, ideal for a visit during the day but relatively peaceful at day.

Conversely, the south is the part of Madrid that is rich in culture, tradition and history, the centre of its nightlife and art. They' re standing side by side like no other place in the world in this old town. Córdoba, the former capitol of Moorish Spain, was when Emperor Abd ar-Rahman II began building the Great Mosque of Córdoba, La Mezquita, as an alternate to Mecca.

Only this fact shows the pure importance of Córdoba in the story. We' ve been told of the great Spain from Rioja, Valdepenas or Penedes, but there are so many other wineries that make great varieties of fine rosé and rosé like Cataluna, Jerez, Castellon, Jumilla, La Mancha, Montilla, Rias Baixas, Ribeiro.

In Spain, there are businesses that organise excursions to the famous vineyard and it is worthwhile to see the diversity of ways in which these different types of wine are produced. Toledo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986, is an essential destination if you want to explore Spain's wealth of art and culture.

Situated only 70 km from Madrid, this lovely town is the main town of the Castilla-La Mancha area. Every year million of visitors come here to see this unbelievable, historic and culturally enriched town. El Escorial Convent was the biggest Renaissance convent in Spain.

It took about 21 years for the huge building work to become a regal tomb, a cemetery of the monarch. It is a traditional part of the historical development of the Catalan Empire. Spaniards are known all over the globe for their passion for celebration and enjoyment and they know how to present themselves well at Spain's festivities.

The most flamboyant demonstrations of fondness for celebration in folk fairs or Feria, as they are known in their national language. The festivities take place in almost all cities and cities of Spain. While some of the best Spanish festivities and celebrations have a profound spiritual and historic significance for the Spanish people, others are just for celebration and enjoyment.

These are some of the best Spanish films ever.

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