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The New York Spa Resorts & Hotels. The world' s most dreamlike winter spa retreats Sleep yonder, these idyllic resorts are the cure-all for any kind of chilly climate. It has seven Nordic open-air swimming pools (including the saltwater-based Källa, which is like swimming in the Dead Sea), nine different sauna facilities, a Canadian and Mediterranean dining area and an outside patio lounging area with a cocktail bar and small continental plate.

In response to demands, the spa also introduces extra-spa activity, such as eating and drinking, but we would apologize if you would spend most of your stay here in the breathtaking inflinity swimming pool that looks out over the sparkling Ottawa town. The Willow Stream Spa is set against snow-capped pine trees, unspoilt ponds and threatening mountain peaks, with Willow Stream Spa spas supplied by thermal spas, waterfall spas and 23 treatments rooms to satisfy the demands of 768-room resort complex.

There is nothing better than a swim in a spa with subsequent cuddling in a thick, comfortable gown. There is a tranquil woodland opening the way for well-tended backyards, wells, and a spa resorts offering 100 rooms, 49 of them in the Georgia Color-Inn, as well as cure rites for all ailments - from hands, feet, and face treatments to massage, walking, meditation, diet, and exercise courses - not to speak of a health spa where Hilary Swank came by.

If you want to recharge your batteries, head to the Granite Spa, whose "Winter Cleansing Ritual" involves a vapor in the saunas and a dip in a bathtub full of salt and pepper mints before a coffee and mints enriched peeling. Whiteface Lodge is a top-class lodge in the six million hectare Adirondack Park, near the town of Lake Placid.

However, this is not just about skiing: in winters, snow shoes are available to explore the cross-country ski runs, while the full-service bath is an excellent way to rejuvenate moisturised skins (Adirondack peeling, which blends crystal minerals with ethereal oils). This is not a gym boots camps called after Mount Equinox, this historical Retreat is as enchanting as they come.

Equinox Spa offers a wide range of services, from warm stones massage to face care with vitamine C, topped off with a bath in the warm swimming area. Steunner is the spacious 7,000 square metre spa, all chromium and glassy tile with Ute Indian-inspired therapy, while a meeting point on the pooldeck with open fireplaces, a cabana and a "grammatical view" is an absolute must at any time of the year.

Manhattan's labyrinth of roads and districts is known for concealing innumerable hidden gems - whimsical speechasies, subsurface dining places, famous jazzy venues - which become all the more attractive when the frosty winters hit the street. Manhattan's latest coldwater treatment is Aire Ancient Baths, a resort in the upper Tribeca region. Same parts Rome baths, Turkic hammams and massages, this 16,000 square meter large basement baths (part of a spa started in Seville, Spain) has a certain kind of atmosphere magical - import whitish marbles and stones, swimming pool s for every kind of liking - fire or ice, salt water or cool, still or bubbling) - and Moroccan lamps and candle lights, which light up the cavity alone.

A small sum of money was invested in designing the cellar for a 20,000 square meter spa and swimming pools with eight therapy rooms, a tanning bed, a 50 tonne Blausee stone indoor swimming pools and a private hamam. Enjoy the view from the fur-covered couches around the bath's fireplace - or even better from the open-air swimming pools with the Alps on all sides.

Ritz-Carlton ski-in/ski-out in the Northstar-at-Tahoe skiing area, all made of timber and rock, revolves around its wonderful alpine world. The rooms are decorated in wooden colour ranges with bay coloured chairs and natural fireplace, while floor-to-ceiling casements focus on the nearby hills and the Marti valley. The 17,000 Suare-Foot-Spa, whose treatment also comes from Mother Nature, is our favourite excursion destination: think of massage with natural oils and peelings with shredded pine cones.

Treatment such as Engadine stone massage and Ayurveda herbal and tea massage combine traditional Chinese, Indian, Thai and Portuguese spa therapies. Don't miss the swimming pools with their room-high window overlooking the Engadine Alps.

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