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Gift Card Spa

Day spa gift certificates are the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. A perfect last-minute gift. A MAP, ENDLESS SPA & SALON OPTIONS NEVER EXPIRE WELL IN THOUSANDS OF PLACES. Overlook your worries and experience a weekend of happiness in our spas. Present-coupons are an ideal gift for any occasion, you can get a voucher for a spa day, spa break, spa treatment, a series of golf lessons the list is endless.

Gift Certificates & Spa Presents for the Ultimate Spa Day

How do I get a banknote by mail? Send a gift certificate to your specific person and they will get a gift certificate package that is imprinted on a high-quality card and contains a note of your choosing. How do I get a gift certificate by e-mail? Send a gift certificate to someone by e-mail and they will get an e-mail with a PDF attached to it, which can be downloaded and contains the value of the gift they have received, a note of your choosing and how to use it.

If you wish, we can either mail the gift certificate directly to the addressee or forward it to you for printing or forwarding. How do I get a spa gift certificate by e-mail? A parcel coupon recipients will be sent an e-mail with a PDF file of a coupon containing all the packet handling them and directions for redeeming the coupon.

Before confirming your selection, you can attach a note to the coupon and we will show you a thumbnail. If you wish, we can either forward the gift certificate directly to the addressee or forward it to you. Yes, we are willing to redeem the gift certificate for another location if the receiver wishes to have one.

In case the alternate adventure is more costly than the one you bought, it must be prepaid at the moment of your book. If I have booked my gift certificate, what happens? As soon as you have made your reservation, you will get a reservation e-mail with all the necessary information. There is no need to return the gift certificate to us.

What is the delivery time for my gift certificate? To receive your Gift Certificate or Spa Break in a gift pack by mail, it will be sent the same date if you ordered before 16.00, but we recommend that you allow three business working nights for shipping.

Is it possible to change my order or to change it to another adress? Coupons can also be sent to another e-mail or delivery destination, but the buyer will still be sent an e-mail with confirmation of the coupons. What is the minimum booking period to redeem my gift certificate?

There' s no limit to how far you need to use your coupon, but it must be made within the coupon's expiration date, and we suggest you make your reservation early to prevent disappointments. Is it possible to use my coupon for online reservations? Is it possible to change my gift certificate? Is the date on the package different from the expiration date?

The coupons are 6 month and must be redeemed before the specified expiration date, the date of the parcel indicates when the event location offers this parcel and not the expiration date of the coupon. I' ve mislaid my coupon, can I get a new one? If you wish, a substitute gift certificate can be sent to you by e-mail.

A £5 fee will be charged for a substitute gift certificate to be sent to your adress. Is it possible to renew the expiration date of my gift certificate? Coupons can be renewed for 20 per coupon if they are ordered before the expiration date indicated on the coupon. In this case the gift certificate is still available for another 10 month from the date indicated on the original one.

You can combine all coupons, if the event is more costly than the coupons you bought, you have to pay for it when you book. Should an extra value still be remaining after your coupon has been redeemed, this amount remains effective until the specified expiration date. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our gift certificate department.

Spare coupons can be used as described above.

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