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Surratts Southern Maryland Hospital Center - 39 reviews - Hospitals - 7503 Surratts Rd, Clinton, MD - Telephone number

I' ve been to this hospital several times about the E.R. I had an operation last Tuesday and I have to say I ONLY trust this hospital because I trust my surger. The hospital's surgical personnel, however, were comfortable and well-trained. I' m sorry I don't have the name of the orderly who took good charge of me in the post-op ward.

When I saw a * for every case that an employee was impolite or I saw faeces on a bed splint, this would be a -118 stars report. I' ve never checked a hospital, but I think there's a first for everything. That hospital was definitely not as far as tie as the plants in northern VA but then how many are?

Reception personnel and the watchman were quite professionals in the ED. All the other people in the wait area seemed rather unhappy, but then being sick again and wait for hour after hour will do that for everyone. I had my whole stay lasted 4 hrs in which I had my hair and throat checked before I was released.

Hopefully I'll never have to go the ED for a long while, but I'm happy that this hospital was there. It' a filthy, nasty hospital. Immediately my mother was triumphed and asked to be seated in the wait. She was sent here after she was first seen with the patien.

One lady who came out of an emergency car said: "I trust you are better" and was in a wheel chair for 30 mins before she was even recognised. The receptionist jokes, moves slow and doesn't show any customerservice. When I had queued for 3 hrs, my brother went and asked when my mom would be seen.

When we have free beds", the admission ticket holder said to her. As we waited in the back, we heard a member of our team on the telephone say: "This is the emergency room, we don't have any frying pots here and we have people who need them, we've been awaiting frying pots for 4h.

" A man was still further back, next to us, and we rightly listened to him express his frustrations about the wait, and the nursing lady who saw him was unaffected. One of the things that bothered me most was the sister who opened her mouth where other people could overhear her.

He just goes to his own physician. As I went out to let her know that I knew her location, but other patiens could listen to her, she seemed angry that I had the boldness to ask her to calm down. We saw a good physician. That hospital is by far the WHO they run head to head with PG.

And I went to the ER with a pelvic ache. At 9:30 pm I came to the hospital, went through the medical procedure, got my temperature and my BP, I even gave a pee test and was asked to await my name.

Frankly, I chose to go after this bloke who was also expecting was growing tired at the lacquer of support and interest for the folks who wait to be seen and chose to express his disappointments (even if you tell them your aches and pains are 10 ) Southern Maryland will make you wait for many hours!

Nobody comes out to look for you, asks you how you feel or how long you wait. I' d rather take the risk and take care of my pains at home than come back to this hospital. Then I followed with the Southern Maryland personnel contact who responded to my conclusion, spoke to one persons in tolerant relationships.

Responding to my remarks about bad communications among the employees and insufficient medical preparations, they said this gave them a window of opportunity for self-observation. Don't go to Southern Maryland Hospital. Wait. It' a hospital, so b-patient. The MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center offers its clients inferior treatment and NULL-sensitivity.

Evaluations of intensive-care care are all truth. Not only was the nursing she was given horrible after that, but above all the nursing personnel, Brian, was impolite and provided marginal nursema. One of the things I did was to ask her how often she bathe her clients and was impolite to do. It was said, "when they need it".... unnecessary to say, she exited the intensive ward with wounds in her own bedroom, 12 hour infection of her own body's own pee because she was not getting the right treatment.

Surgists have done their job to rescue life, and intensive care unit residents have not and NOT at the same levels of health outcomes. No one was immediately check-in, the sentries were not guarded and persons without bracelets went free in the back and out of the back. But I just supervised some occasional bloke to go to the first aid station and go right behind the shelter and this man had no bracelet nor specific ticket to get in (if he was staff).

So the first one gave me a dosage, the second one came in and asked me if the first one I said I wasn't sure what she was giving me, and she gave it to me without asking anyway. The Southern Maryland Hospital already has a notoriety. In my experiences with my mom last weekend, however, this hospital should be shut down for any kind of work.

She was hospitalized for a fractured shoulders and a fractured arms, but ended up in the intensive ward for inadequate nursing and bedsores, where she received the incorrect medications (heart medicine) and reacted allergically. You then indicated that a medical history record was made so that it would not occur to any patients in the near to you.

As I asked for the document, I was informed that it was against the law to release it, but they wanted me to know that it was submitted to IOC. I' m the only one with a warrant. Personnel gives away personnal information over the telephone to help others then patiƫnten. like humans who are not given information from the patiƫnten for apparent causes.

Don't go to this hospital if you have a decision. In so manyh00s I had to do an MRT, waiting and waiting and waiting and only got it around 9:00 pm the following one. As my relatives asked me why I had not yet received the test, they were instructed that I had to hold because they took emergency cases first.

She didn't get any rest the first and the second one for about 3h. As I asked for something to rest, it took them until dawn to get an okay, but I was taught that it was important for me to be asleep. About half a full week later someone said that I had to lay completely on my back for 12-24 hrs because of the attack.

Most of the while I was in the chair when I was called. Another kindergarten attendant comes and says: "You look so unpleasant that you don't want to be upset. and she said that you didn't have to do that.

By that said, there are two medical worker who position out that I poverty to recognise James Etta and Mary Lou M. Both were precise city and implemental, but Mary Lou shift playing period and playing period to kind the case awareness at the affluence and do some it filming for the case.

As I was seated in the vestibule and waited for someone to come and get me to my bedroom, I realized they took all the signs off the wall. So I get into my room, which looks like an old hotel room with a hospital crib. And then I was on the couch and I waited, waited, waited, I could hear him on the telephone for the next 45 minutes.

I' m supposed to deliver my baby every single night in this hospital. I' m 36 months pregnant and I' ve had really severe backache and cramps. I' ve spoken to many folks who say that sometimes when you call the on-call ward sister in the hospital and tell them how you feel, they will give you an idea whether that's natural or not or whether you should come in and have yourself examined.

I just wanted to calm down, so I thought I'd call the orderly. and she said, "Call your doctor." So I was immediately angry and said that I thought I would call the hospital first. And she said: "So you are 36 days old with backache and cramps and you want to know if you should come in or not?

All I did was call my physician on his mobile. It was worrying that the pain could be back pain and that I was in labour, so he said to me to go to the hospital. Me and my friend came to the hospital around 7:30. I' m already angry about that orderly I talked to.

I' m being asked to be accepted before the visit, so I went to the agency to do so. So my physician said I should come here and get examined. Somehow this woman fell back into her seat and said to the folks in the back of her office: "You'd better come and get these people"..... then she turned to me and said: "You're 36 months pregnant and have backache?

Then she phoned in labour and childbirth and said: "Yes..... we have a 36-week course with back pain". is because the midwife I had was so cute and kind. I wouldn't deliver here if it wasn't the only hospital my doc has the right to.

There are many other experts I agree with about the cleanness, the level of services and the organisation of this hospital. And then we went directly to the ambulatory lounge, where he was eventually recalled at 2:15 pm. So I waited for the physician and/or the nursing staff to come out and give me an up-date.

It seems the nursing answering the telephone isn't taking my concerns into account. Isn' t sure why my spouse, even this hospital would have chosen if Virginia Hospital Center has always been my first option. Supplied my daugther about C-section, everyone seems cute but they began taking my painkillers 30 minutes later, then 1 hr later now it is up to 2hrs later.

I' ve got one more full year in the hospital, but I' m trying to get out now. I' m not recommending this hospital if you have anywhere else to go. I' ve got to be frank, I can' stand a hospital! When I didn't feel well and the emotion didn't go away, I thought it was the right moment.

So I went to Southern Maryland because my ex-husband had a good time there. Merciless, horrible receptionists, the most horrible waits of all time, always crowded when one is not half-deceased, when one expects to spend 2-3 or even more hour or more before one is even summoned into a room and that is if one gets a room at all.

You' re gonna be waiting three additionalhrs in your room to see a physician. And then two inches to get the results and be released. But this hospital needs help. Humans die of errors or overlook humans, who are doing well with the reception team "THINK" when they come in.

There is only one hospital in the growing area that needs serious help. The wait in the ER was more than 3 hour per weeks. As I know, the hospital cannot monitor the number of patients, but they need more personnel or more effective personnel. There''s no need for someone with an emergencies in the ER to wait from 9:30 to almost 1:00 to be seen.

Well, I didn't get out of the hospital till 4:30. I' m never going back to this hospital. It almost feels like it's going that way because the vast majority ofthe population are lower-workers. I' ve never had this issue in a hospital with wealthier people.

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