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Both the Lenape in the south and the Mahicans in the north traded. I'm going back inside to read Hudson Valley Weather. Tailor-made web development, graphic design, branding and marketing in the southern Berkshire and New York Hudson Valley.

Heavy storms left 72,000 without electricity in the Hudson Valley.

The area was hit by a heavy front system this afternoons, which caused heavy wind, hailstorms and lightening and interrupted electrical operations for more than 72,000 Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. clients. Gales of up to 78 mph have been registered in South Dutchess County, hailstorms have fallen in parts of Ulster County and about 1,000 strokes of thunderstorms per hours have been registered in the area during the level of the hurricane, Central Hudson said.

Hudson central crew and failure evaluation team take care of blackouts and monitor failure sites. About 100 helpers from the Midwest arrived to help restore the electricity supply, and a total of more than 300 employees were put together for the electrical lines and trees. The Central Hudson assumes that the restorations could take until Thursday or later.

Clients are asked to notify their energy state and to inform themselves about the state of the windstorm and recovery as follows: Clients should sign up for Central Hudson's texting program to notify their energy state and maintain maintenance state. For registration, please go to or write to REG at 236483; On the Web:

Go to to notify failures and receive recovery upgrades; via smartphones: You can access a free copy of Central Hudson's website using Internet-enabled cellular telephones and portable equipment at Complimentary Central Hudson wireless apps for Android and Apple and are also available at; By phone:

You can call Central Hudson PowerLine at (845) 452-2700 or 1-800-527-2714 and use the automation or talk to a service agent to signal or check your network status.

Sunset says goodbye at Paramount

The Paramount Theatre welcomed New York's leading South Korean band to a stunning Peekskill crowd of over 600 visitors. It has also split Sundown from other touring groups. They have a good reputations for being a southerner and not only for their steady key speed, but also for their elaborate stringing of guitars and drums.

Peekskill's good-bye trip, which began and ended in Peekskill, was to mark the group's 40th birthday and give their supporters the opportunity to say good-bye. For over 40 years, Sundown have been playing their "in your face" style skirt and roll. It' s a great way to go. They are regarded as one of the best bands and one of the most inventive bands ever.

This group of four is made up of Ronnie Pauls, founders and leading guitars, Steve Mitchell, bass player Fred Andreassi and Keith Michaels. Founded in 1976, they began to play at high scholastic dancing and collegiate kegs events throughout the Westchester area. Gathering a fan base, they took the next leap in 1980 by appearing in community outfits.

They ended the evening and went to stand ovations.

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