Sonneman Lighting

Soneman Lighting

Soneman offers innovative lighting from contemporary pendant luminaires to modernist floor and table luminaires. Used in countless productions, Sonneman luminaires meet all your requirements for contemporary lighting. Have a look at our selection of Sonneman lamps. Complimentary shipping and returns* for our best-selling Robert Sonneman lighting designs. The Pluck floor lamps offer unique functionality through a dramatically balanced, slightly scaled silhouette.

Path of Illumination

Sunnyman - A Way of Light is intimately associated with Robert Sonneman, the creator, and his dedication to advanced ideas, innovations and the exceptional qualities that the label promises. SONNEMAN leads the way in the development and manufacture of superior, up-to-date lighting and is renowned for embodying the best in the world.

Celebrated for its clear-cut, cutting-edge approach, many of Sonneman's slim, functionalistic lighting styles have become a classic of modernity. Robert's sensitivity to function and his productive formal language have developed over the course of his fifty-year long carrier into a singular view of modernity, which has developed through the architectonic genre and the modernistic movement of the twentieth and twenty-first-century.

Over the last five centuries Robert Sonneman's work has been shown in international exhibitions in art collections, art galeries and art exhibitions.

Soneman Lighting

Soneman - A Way of Light, established by Robert Sonneman and our partner David Littman and Sonny Park, provides cutting-edge lighting for our way of life. Sonneman's design ranges from warm contemporary pendants to decorative modern standing and table lamps. Soneman also supplies bathroom lights, wall lights, swivel arm lights and recessed ceiling lights.

Sonneman was the pioneer of contemporary lighting and made it an artistic genre. For over fourty-five years, his world-famous, award-winning creations have been at the top of the designer clout. In the 1960s and 1970s Robert launched slim, new functionalistic lighting concepts that have become a classic of modernity.

Sonneman's sensitivity and rich formal language range from the present-day variety of the twenty-first centuries to the twenty-first century's architecture and decoration. "I' m still investigating the evolving and revolution as the foundation for the development of a kosmopolitan US style," said Robert Sonneman. Sonneman's latest luminaire line includes over a thousand pieces that range from warm contemporaneous to ornamental Modernism and Modernism.

Presently represented in more than two thousand exhibition rooms around the world, his line of products is being further developed with interesting new products. Soneman - A Way of Light, established in 2003, is a homage to modern lighting architecture. The work in New York, Milan and Tokyo led to the fact that since 1967 the company sold products under the Sonneman name all over the world.

Robert established the Sonneman Group in 1974 and built up an expansive customer portfolio covering many different sectors within the company. Over the last forty years, Robert Sonneman's work has been shown in both international and United States art collections, large museum collections, art exhibits, art collections and more. Robert also attends university and other places in the fields of arquitecture and art and gives classes.

Together with his partner, David Littman, a top-class proprietor of several lighting firms and Sonny Park, President of Sonneman Lighting, Robert Sonneman established - A Way of Light. Living/working in New York, Robert is continuing to develop innovative lighting for our way of life. He began his professional life with George Kovacs, the renowned light dealer.

In 1967 Robert established his own lighting business under the Sonneman name. He has been introduced to retail stores such as Bloomingdale's, Macys and many others. Robert established the Sonneman Design Group in 1974 and developed a range of innovative solutions for major design companies such as Lightolier, Sunbeam Appliance, Singer, Stanley Furniture, Brueton, Goody Produkte, Lifetime Brands and more.

Roberts works have been exhibited since 1967 at the Museum of Modern Art, the Chicago Art Institute, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the UCLA Expo on Design, the Karnette County Art Museum, and the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum. He has taught at Stamford University, Pratt School of Architecture, Parsons School of Design, Philadelphia College of Art and UCLA.

Previously, he was also a member of Chrysler and Toyota at the Art Center, Pasadena College of Design, and was a member of the Nissan Design Advisory Board. 1990 Sonneman once again entered new territory for Stanley Furniture with his Urban Primitive range for Macy's, a wide range of furniture. Between 1999 and 2005 he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ralph Lauren Home Product Development.

Robert and his partner David Littman and Sonny Park established Sonneman - A Way of Light in 2003. Sonneman shipping is FREE for all Sonneman items (including freight) within the adjacent United States for orders over $50. Any Sonneman product shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground within the adjacent United States is FREE to be returned.

There is no re-storage fees for Sonneman reusable goods. There is no VAT on Sonneman goods except those delivered to NC, NJ, NY and PA.

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