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South of Houston is a world-famous shopping paradise and artists' quarter in Lower Manhattan, NYC. He has a long history of inspiring New York's creative communities. Guidebook to the neighborhood and property market of Soho. New Yorker Store is Wolf & Badger's first store outside the UK. Discover SoHo and the surrounding area, a prime shopping area in Manhattan.

Have the perfect day in Soho, NYC with our guide

NYC is a high-end boutique and pop-up shop shopper boutique, as well as a vast array of home-store sellers offering design copies in the shape of shades, bags and scarfs. Simply make sure you spare some small cash - and your telephone power - so you can get your coffees and pastries from one of the many instagramable caf├ęs and restaurants in town.

Soho is not just an urbane commercial center. Although many of the fine arts galeries that made Soho New York a hotspot of modern arts in the 70s and 80s set off for Chelsea and the Lower East Side, some outstanding fine arts rooms have been preserved. Take a stroll along the cobblestones, and find great New York dining, nightlife and activities in this city-center area.

Revisit the urban bar, a second-story sanctuary on busy Houston Street, and discover Saunders' outstanding work, which contains new classic items such as the Gin-Gin Mule. In 2000 she drank the beverage - a lively potion of home-made gingerbread with Tanqueray tin, chilled spearmint and lemon soda - at the Beacon Restaurant & Bar.

Also known is Earl Grey MarTEAni, a foamy and scented allusion to tea hour tradition in England, prepared with tanqueray yin, lime nectar and an albumen.

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SoHo, an acronym for North of Houston, is a world-famous shoppers' and artists' paradise in Lower Manhattan, NYC. Surrounded by Houston Street, Lafayette Street and the west part of Broadway, you will find a beautiful, light part of the town that has become world-famous, partly because of the fact that it has been a setting for so many movies and adverts.

SoHo' s paved roads and ambience make the neighborhood more special than any other area in Manhattan. Its singularity lies in the simplest detail such as the name of the road. SoHo' s roads have a name rather than a number. Springsue, Prince and Broadway are all well-known roads that have become uniquely individual.

The SoHo is also known for its fashions and arts scene. SoHo' s architectural style also adds a delightful and memorable note to the neighbourhood. SoHo is served by several train services. So you can take the CW to Prince Street. B F M and Broadway/Lafayette, or 6 to Spring Street Station.

Walking through the street of SoHo, you might have the feeling that you have already been here. A lot of shows and films were shot on the enchanting SoHo' s avenues. Soho NY's stores and galeries are also a must for visitors looking for one-of-a-kind clothing, artwork and design.

Surrounded by Houston Street, Lafayette, Center Street, Port Canal and West Broadway, this is one of New York's most beloved areas. But Soho NY also has very close links to other cultures. Here you will find some of the oldest houses in the town. This SoHo NY Neighbourhood Leader shows you why this area is so interesting.

You will find below a card that you can use as a guide if you want to hike around the area. This little Soho trip is all about walking toys through the neighbourhood's major roads so you can see the most famous monuments and explore the many stores and art galleries there.

The Broadway is probably one of the most famous roads in NYC and also leads through the centre of SoHo. A lot of well-known businesses have their flag store here, right in the middle of SoHo. Not only is Broadway the longest road, it is also the centrepiece of NYC retail - a trip to Broadway is definitely worthwhile!

This former fire station was converted into a three-storey building of New York Fire Department building. Constructed in 1904, the New York Fire Department contains over 10,000 items as well as a collection of archival documents, ephemeras and photos celebrating the New York Fire Department's past. There is also a standing monument to the 343 members of the FDNY-EMS who died in the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center atrocities.

From 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. every day with an admission charge of $8 The numerous art studios in SoHo invite you to linger and leisure. Drawing Center is our favourite in the area and definitely a worthwhile stop! It is these typically cast-iron structures that are the reasons why so many manufacturers have chosen to make their movies or advertisements on the street in SoHo.

Fire stairs are part of these structures and their cast-iron styles, with these lovely structures such as a bagel and amber taxis being part of SoHo and New York City. Those who fancy a drink should definitely go to the roof-top Jimmy in the James Hotel.

Fashionistas, prominent people and VIPs go through the SoHo' s street every where. As in any neighbourhood, they all have their own temper. He also has a well-known European label named Woolrich (125 Wooster Street). Further down Spring Street, Mercer Street and Prince Street, you'll find the Apple Store (103 Prince Street) and the Michael Kors Store (101 Prince Street) with more shops to suit your needs.

In SoHo you will find so many small imaginative stores run by young New Yorkers selling their handmade wares. Tight alleyways, side roads and vending trolleys on the pavements have a multitude of unique presents and memorabilia that you can buy for a good business. You can be sure that SoHo will take you to the store.

You are welcome to come and see the MoMa Design Store on Spring Street. but we think it's the best in SoHo. So if you want to soak up SoHo, come and see us during the day, because the weekends are as bustling as anywhere else in Manhattan.

SoHo has been an important part of the New York arts community for some time now. Due to the very high rents in the area, most art studios have now relocated to areas like Chelsea. Nevertheless, SoHo still has great fine arts galeries, which you can still see if you are interested.

The Drawing Center on Wooster Street is one of the best art centers. A few other interesting galeries are: Twenty-eight (287 Jump St), SoHo Gallery for Digital Art (138 Sullivan St) or Team Gallery (47 Wooster St). While walking around SoHo you will see many other rooms that could inspire your imagination.

There are many benefits to being in SoHo. Celebreties such as Rihanna, Will Smith, Gigi Hadid and Justin Timberlake own luxurious loft in SoHo. You' ll also see many places you've seen in movies and adverts. The SoHo was not always so beloved and unusual, because luxuries are something new in this area.

SoHo used to be the place for many large style manufacturers. During the 1960s, the regime was able to prevent these things due to new rules that led to a transition of SoHo. SoHo became an empty place with many empty plants after these changes.

Again and again these empty houses were purchased or hired by painters who built their ateliers in the cast-iron complex. The SoHo became a thriving neighborhood and one of the hottest areas in New York City. SoHo is the place of origin for creative people.

The SoHo is an astonishing place to be. LES is an up-and-coming district and has a rather shabby, artful and fashionable outfit.

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