Shores Resort and Spa

The Shores Resort and Spa

Shores Resort & Spa, Daytona Beach Shores. The Shores Resort & Spa guests can relax by the pool by the sea in private cabanas or relax with a massage in the in-house Indulge Spa. Shores Resort & Spa, Daytona Beach, FL. Daytona Beach (and surrounding area), Florida, United States of America: Mysuru ("Mysore"), Silent Shores Resort & Spa:

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Shores Resort & Spa, Daytona Beach Shores: Infos, photos, critiques

The offer includes deeply tissues massage, hotstones massage, sport massage and massage from Sweden. You will be asked to cover the following fees at check-in or check-out: Visitor's tax included: All fees provided by this accommodation are inclusive. Prices may differ, however, depending on the length of your holiday or room.

From the parking services to the spa, the staff was very courteous and courteous. Beautiful and old-fashioned rooms could use a little bit of refurbishment, but the foyer and outdoor area are very well. That' the poorest place I ever slept in.

The telephone never worked and they knew it was out of order and never did anything about it. Well, the alarmer went off at 6:00, so the maidservice before us apparently never verified if the former customer had hired him. We' dined at the Agriturismo Azure and I ordered a $35.00 lunch of lobsters and lox.

Well, I was wondering why hardly anyone didn't eat in that place before we came in.

PRINCIPLES Resort & Spa - 274 photos & 151 reviews - Day Spas - 2637 S Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach Shores, FL - Telephone number

So we stopped here on our first excursion to the Daytona beaches. Most of the accommodations, the services and the meals were better than most of the accommodations. If you' re in Daytona Bay, you have to be here. We have already come to this resort four time for our yearly business meeting. However, The Shores is not my favourite place for the show.

It'?s just a good place for me. Rooms are pretty, neat and cosy. It is beautifully situated on the shore. It has a really good panoramic and easy access to the sea. There were no ATMs for part of our sojourn. It' a kind of smash or miss.

There are some who are really friendly and supportive, others who are not so friendly or who are not familiar with what is going on. When you are just looking for a room on the sea, but you should like it. I have e-mailed the general director about the shortlist of things that went awry with our sojourn and will be updating here when I overhear.

I thought this place was a great place. It was a great one. The " sea views " were really a glimpse of the spooky, deserted nearby motel. Also, the bathrobes - my flatmate and I had to take the bathrobes out of the closet to shower on Saturday evening. but it wasn't a big meeting.

It wasn't spring break either, so I don't see why the room was so critical (there were certainly enough jumps and servants). I would not only not be here again, I would not suggest to others that they be. So I came to this place for a 200 people meeting.

Yet the motel was not even ready for the number of guests and the fact that we might want something like a meal. Apparently the cuisine was undermanned, and when the week-end ended, it seemed that way. On Saturday of our meeting we were informed by the waitress in the local restaurants that we should have our own snack bars, because we would get a better quality meal there.

I' ve been told from other topics of the meeting that they had also been hearing tales from employees who had left. On the whole, the services were definitely off for the whole period we were there. People in this room had to get hand towels out of the swimming pools so they could show. I' ll give requisites to the barman, who was always on the spot, and the belfry for the same as well.

Apart from personnel matters, I've never been to a better place in my whole being. However, they have not informed the hoteliers. Well, if ONE of these things were to happen during my sojourn, I wouldn't be so upset. Things happen, nothing can be predicted, and the people I worked with were all very kind.

Situated in a beautiful area, I enjoyed being right on the shore. The room was not entirely oriented towards the sea, but had beautiful, large window, so that we could see some of it and the sea and a part of the city. Swimmingpool was clean. Although the breakfastbuffet was too expensive because it was in a motel, it had a metric tons of proteins.

if I didn't have to. The resort is completely wonderful. It was a really good room, the bath was lovely and modernized. We arrived at the resort around 2 pm and the personnel tried to get in early, but our room was not finished yet.

We were offered to keep our pockets while we were waiting and exploring what Daytona had to offer. Well, we didn't know what to do. There is a Jacuzzi, a swimmingpool, cabins that you can hire, several fireplaces and they provide s' mores at night! This resort is situated directly on the waterside. All I have to say about the resort is that it felt like it wasn't so near many funny sights.

As if I felt like nothing was really around, except the shore! All in all a great place to spend the night! It' out of date. SUCKS! customerservice! Let's say about parking vet $22 every single day, self-parking across the $17 road (plus tax) we had every single turn down facility, on our second date they took our duvet and retrieved a blanket back when we phoned home economics to ask them about the duvet they were telling us they no longer had available?

I' m hypersensitive to the other things you were bringing us, of course the only thing that was good there was the Poolservice, Justin was a Mazing! It is one of the most beautiful hotels in the area. There are good eateries and pubs, a beautiful swimming pools area and easy acces to the beaches.

The rooms were beautiful, but need upgrades, which are currently under construction. For a while the area was inhabited by the Lovesbugs and we couldn't use our rooms because it was always full of Lovesbugs, hence the 4 stars award. Ups the insect repellent to even fog for these beetles and the place would be 5 stars.

I' ve liked this place on the web with all my heart. I' d have phoned the front desk, but the telephone in my room didn't work. Beautiful hydrostatic beautiful that you can relax and savour the waters around your legs, because the bath is not quick enough. Whereas trouble they were nuisances I would never have expected from a 4 Diamanttel.

On the positive side, the employees really apologize for the many problems we had. Tiki Bars and Fire Pits are really fun and to be honest you enjoy them better than the room. and hopefully it'll be better. So I made my booking on-line also the privately reserved evening meal couple and waiting up to a weeks before I was waiting for one not yet to be heard from anyone about the even.

On the third I had just finished, my room had not been cleared in 3 working nights, the personnel was impolite when you speak to them, which I had to check out early. Please keep away from this place, it's very serious. DON'T RELIANCE the images that this place is, is very non-professional apologies for everything I create that I won't even give Google my resume on here travel consultant won't ever remain here.

I' ve never spent the night in the hotels themselves, but over the years I have accommodated several people in this place to work. It is a beautiful resort itself, if you enter from the parking service. Receptionists have always been great and supportive. Accommodation in the resort and all the comforts before and after your events.

Overnight at The Shores Resort before buying a house in Key Colony opposite the resort in 2016. Every day we pass the resort to go to the beaches. Shores Resorts are not a good neighbour of Daytona Beaches Shores.

I' ve got a $350 greeting for The Shores Resort. The Jeep Beach holiday last year was so much better than this year. Room services were only towels, urgently needed coffe and cardboard mugs on the second mornings. Most of the employees were unglamorous because they didn't want us to be there.

I' m looking for another place to go next year. I' m only reviewing the tanibar, because I've never been here before. I have been the facility twice, at best, were below average. I' m not staying here. It was a wonderful place and the personnel was so kind to the actors and the family.

Do you plan a journey to the surrounding area and need accommodation? Shores Resort & Spa is at the top of my agenda. The report is solely focused on the swimming pools and bars on the beaches. After I left the resort I went with a buddy for a daytour.

He was so kind and very thoughtful. On a lovely sunny days, sit on the beaches with great beverages, the wind blows in our heads, the sun is shining and Jack Johnson melodies kiss our skins!!?!! and it felt so good.

So we went down to the shore and lay in the sundown. It' a beautiful place. Reception, park services, swimming pools and souvenir shops are all very friendly and friendly. All I have to complain about is room services. Our room services did not contain any bottled mineral and, above all, no paraphernalia upon your check-in.

Apart from room services, the room was very pleasant and would again chose if we remained in the area. Both my family and I have remained here many a time since it was the Hilton and through the passage to the shores, sometimes with children and sometimes without. All in all, it is the best resort we have ever seen.

We have a blocked drainage, the headlight is in the bath and we can't reach the reception although we've tried several of them in the last 24h. At 2:30 pm, after we had been at the swimming pools all morning, when we came back to our room, our room had not been maintaind.

The most important thing for my children is that the whirlpool reappears and is shut during our sojourn. Like already mentioned, the personnel of the gastronomy/bar remains the absolute must. At best, The Shores is now a 3-star resort, not a 5-star spa and resort.

Hopefully new owners will be more proud of what will remain the best choice for a one-of-a-kind Daytona resort as well. Outstanding resort on the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful indoor lobby bars and restaurants. Reception was fantastic and the boss was helping us with a problem. Don't go anywhere!

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