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The Shakespeare pub

in the Shakespeare Restaurant & Pub at Olde Stonewall Golf Club. Shakespeare offers cultivated beers, friendly and attentive service, in an informal, unadorned environment that offers a more refined form of'Pub Grub'. If you go to a British pub in Las Vegas, you want not only the taste of England, but also the atmosphere. Book a table at Shakespeare's Pub today!

The Shakespeare Pub & Cricket, San Diego, CA.

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Our menus are all made from the ground up in the UK convenience look found in most businesses in the Islands. Over the years, our genuine seafood and chips have won a number of prizes, such as Best Fit & Chips in the USA in 2017.

Draught & Bottled Beers are the most famous brand from the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA and we are one of the selected companies in San Diego that has a beermotor and sells a keg conditioning beers, often called " genuine beers " to please our lovers!

The dishes are prepared from the ground up by our award-winning UK head cook Thomas Beatty, who makes such complex dishes as Chips & Gravy, Shepherd's Pi, Pasties, Chicken Pot Pi, Steak and Kidney Pi, Ploughman's Pads and of course our renowned fishies and chips. To those of you who like soft drink, we stock UK lemonades, juice, non-alcoholic beers and of course the big UK pot of teas.

After we were chosen to the final by YOU, our faithful clients, we were tested by British Brewmaster, Ross O'Hara and Export Director, Dave Patmore Hill of Greene King Brewery, the UK's biggest pub and brewery store.... and reached the top! It is a great honor not only for a large domestic company that has been part of the San Diego structure for twenty-seven years, but also for the town of San Diego itself.

For our Best Seafood and Chips in America awards, visit San Diego Reader, and

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And if you come from England, it'll really get you home.

We' ve got the banger/mash, fishy and crisps, British breakfasts and glutinous taffy puddings and not a single grievance to say the least. It was the mother-tongue British bartenders, who were both cheerful and kind, and the true roses on every outdoor dining area. Beer and good food.

Dinner was good and the Mimosa was good. The Shakespeare Pub and Grill is a wonderful place to have some great meals and beverages. This was my first visit to the Shakespeare Pub and Cricket. At Shakespeare Pub and Cricket, I must say, you're fantastic. One could not wish for a more friendly team.

And if you've never been to the Shakespeare Pub and Cricket, I suggest you try it. I' m looking forward to trying the meal the next day I come back. There are no issues you will be enjoying every moment of your stay at the Shakespeare Pub and Grill. The woman had the fishies and crisps and raved about them.

I' had the cake with French fries. Crisps were incredible. Good dinner, good people. Oh, I really like this pub. You have all the typical British dishes: seafood and crisps (some of the best I have ever eaten), firecrackers and puree, pastoral cakes, cold cuts, full brunch. Sweets: tacky fudge and stained tail (it's a thing).

On the other hand, they are serving old-fashioned German homemade cakes, skanes and sweets that I haven't tried yet. You also have a small store that is selling everything in Britain, so I can buy all my favourite sweets and tea. I feel like I'm back in England when I come here and I like it.

We' ve got seafood and french fries and a full day's breakf. I have an apple wine (20 ounces) and its teatime drink (vodka, soda and ice tea). The majority of the employees are British and had many good hints (try the bay sauce!!!!!) 5/5 and we will try to get back here.

The best fishing in San Diego! The best part is that they are serving it with real UK crisps. Lovin' her blackcurrant juices. The personnel is always kind and welcoming. I have to go to this place when I go to see Sandyiego, because I am an Englishman and there are no UK places in Round Rocks where I am living.

French fries, salami, balls, bacon, everything except the dishwasher should be the name! They are nice and kind, not so much in the candy store Iol. and buy all my rebel candy and all. These are the best places in San Diego for British cuisine, seafood, crisps and a real hot tee. are the best in San Diego The personnel are extremely kind and always make sure everything is in order.

This is the right place for you if you are looking for a home away from home or if you want to try your taste of American cuisine. I' ve been told that pub nights are not a laughing stock as they come some serious jokes that mash it. A number of employees are from the UK, giving you the feeling that you can rely on their opinions about UK foods.

Dinner wasn't the best part of the place. Oh, I really like this pub.

Loving the personnel, and it's clear that they like what they do.... and where they come from. Incredible fishn' crisps - just like at home. A full breakfast was just right, delicious. Pampered for the right meal, spices and beers - and praise for the Pimms Cup, buddy!

I ordered the seafood and French fry back then, they roasted a very big slice of seafood and it was on a pretty big dish. I had it on a smaller dish, the shrimp has shrivelled, but the French fries are still the same-sized. Even with crisp pea is a kind of cute note if you eat junk food.

It' interesting that the image of the crisps and pisces here is what I remember, but not what I had! It seemed to be actually freezing and not nearly as crisp as before, and as I said before, it was shrinking. Definitely smaller servings, seafood was of bad qualitiy.

I think I'm done with this place or I'll order something other than the fishy chips. A former expat in the Midlands for over a century, Shakespeare's is as genuine as it gets! Genuine UK cuisine; genuine UK beer; genuine Brits cook and serve their staple foods.

When you need your genuine pub menu or genuine fishmongers and mashed potatoes, you're a bang if you don't try them! It is a place of regularity when WE want "Comfort Food"!

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