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Shakespeare High,' With Kevin Spacey Shakespeare can help protect children's life. This is the convincing point of Alex Rotaru's Shakespeare High, an inspirational, if too brief and crowded discussion of the grammar school contest at the 1990th edition of the Southern California Shakespeare Festival's play Theatre Teachers Ass. A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Othello" and "Macbeth" - three Shakespeare pieces were selected by the society and presented by dramatic pupils from around 50 theaters.

Competeers could either make a piece that did not last longer than eight min, or they could make a whole five-minute one. Pupils had a significant amount of freedom to alter a piece as long as they did not alter its significance. Among the festival's renowned graduates are Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, Mare Winningham and Richard Dreyfuss, all of whom have appeared in the films.

Mr. Spacey is an Executive Producing Director of the feature length movie, and he is the narrator of the movie and his most articulated part. His career accomplishments are directly linked to his time at Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles, where he has a vintage hospitality when he visits the audience.

It focuses on the few colleges that make it to the final round to present their version of all three pieces. The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, one of the most demanding institutes, is also one of the most righteous in its dealings with Shakespeare, and the college and college teachers show an attitudes of superego.

Hesperia High School, one of the most succesful rivals over the years, is serving a working people' city in the Mojave Desert. Melvin and Galvin Emesibe, two of the most loved pupils, are two African-American soccer stars who were won for "Othello". "These self-conscious, kind pupils talk in front of the cameras that their dad is in jail because he killed their mom and grandma when they were 8 years old.

Others from lower school are Tommy, a redheaded up-and-coming stand-up cartoon who features in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and whose parent are former skin heads; Tosh, who prefers the dramatic programme to a posse but has had to keep silent about it to prevent molestation; and Luis, called Taco, a self-described former hoodlum who is so soft that it's hard to believe he's ever carried a weapon.

Teachers talk about the "natural high" of the theatre, and you can sense it throughout. Dramatically affecting the pupils, the contest has had a similar effect to El Sistema, the Venezuelan young musicians' association, which has assisted ten thousand young Venezuelan musicians by providing them with the necessary tools and training them to perform in them.

Last Friday's critique of the Shakespeare High feature in which Kevin Spacey appeared inaccurately pointed to the link between his own productions firm and the work. Whilst the Trigger Street contributed to the financing and Mr. Spacey is an executive producers of the picture, he was made by Ifavor Entertainment, not Trigger Street.

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