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Each year The Public offers thousands of free tickets, provokes dynamic conversations and spreads boundless joy with FREE Shakespeare in the park. Shakespeare is considered the greatest writer the English language has ever seen. Directed by William Shakespeare: Fred Sullivan, Jr. The performances are FREE and public.

Juliet and Romeo 18

One of Shakespeare's early poetical masterpieces, Romeo & Juliet, and the world's most celebrated romantic tale follows two couples from the first glance of their loves to the everlasting afterlife. Shakespeare's undying young lover tries to create a new realm in the midst of the power of old but catastrophic decisions and dramatic turns that drive her into a definitive struggle with doom.

The shows will take place from 21 August to 2 September. This is how you get your tickets: A selected number of places will be awarded to happy winning lotteries for each show. On Monday, August 20th, the on-line sweepstakes will open. STC will provide at least 200 complimentary daily on our ticketing line at Sidney Harman Hall, which starts two hour before the pad.

The limit is two per passenger. As a rule, the line begins to form about four hour before the curtains. From $200 upwards, friends can reserve seats in anticipation, get programme credits and use our Patrons Lounge with free drinks and sweets! Begin following STC and look for ways to get Free For All seats and free update ticketing.

The Free For All was created in 1991 to make Shakespeare accessible to a new and varied public in Greater Washington, and presented Shakespeare at the Carter Barron Amphitheater. Up to now, the Free For All has almost 700,000 inhabitants, with an upward trend. The Free For All is a high point of the Washington Theater seasons, a classic excursion that draws the most varied crowd in the town.

People for Shakespeare has given tens of thousand student and fellowship members the opportunity to listen to Shakespeare's work. Which is free for everyone? So it' really free? 100% FREE of charge. Ticket costs nothing. Shakespeare for free? Free-For-All is made possible by many unbelievable supporters and affiliates, but also by people like you!

So if you are interested in sponsoring Free For All so that we can keep offering top-notch production, you should consider becoming a member of Friends of Free For All. You' ll receive great advantages and the pleasure of being able to contribute to making Shakespeare available to coming generation completely free of charge. Are the Free For All family-friendly?

It is our goal that Free For All is family-friendly. There are some shows that are better suited for older kids than for younger ones. IMPORTANT: Babies in weapons are not permitted in the theater. Anyone who enters the theater must have a pass. What is the availability of your travelpass? There' re 761 places in Sidney Harman Hall.

A certain number of places for Friends of Free For All, as well as student and other fellowship members, will be allocated for each show through a number of outdoor activities. At least 200 places will be available to the general audience for each show on our ticket line and many more via our online lottery.

What is the online sweepstakes? You can win a raffle draw for each show on our website. Your participation in the draw has no effect on your odds. Participants will be notified by e-mail after 8pm on the eve of the show.

Limited to two passes per winning ticket. A WordFly e-mail system is used, and it may take several hour for you to get your emails, subject to the update period of your own system. Can I collect lots when I won them through the on-line sweepstakes? Players can collect their cards at the Sidney Harman Hall entrance hall from two hour before the curtains on the date of their screen.

You MUST collect all your travel passes at least 30 min. before the curtains. Uncollected cards will be cleared to the ticketing line. Participants MUST be seated at least 10 min. before the curtains. Suppose I am a member of Friends of Free For All?

Free For All fans who have not yet got their cards can collect them at the Sidney Harman Hall box office on the date of the show. You MUST collect all your passes at least 15 min before the curtains. Uncollected cards will be cleared to the ticketing line.

Participants MUST be seated at least 10 min. before the curtains. If I can winn lots through the on-line sweepstakes but not participate in this show, what happens? Winning lotteries cannot change lots. Your ticket expires and you have to take part in the raffle again.

We' ll give away your standby line ticket. Free For All fans can trade in their FFA ticket for other available FFA shows. If I don't winn lots through the on-line sweepstakes, what happens? When you have not won any ticket for the desired show, a set of cards will be given out to the general audience and awarded for the show every single night in theater.

Just come to the Sidney Harman Hall and join other Free For All-ers in the Ticket Line. If you still have Free For All appearances during the run, keep in mind that you can always participate in the game. The Ticket Line is the best place to get into your mind and exchange your passion for Shakespeare, theater, or free material with other Free For All-ers.

They can also earn entry to other fantastic STC shows and other pre-show raffles. A minimum of 200 places is provided for each show. I' d like to take a group of humans to Free For All.

Where can I get my admission passes? This is the only way to secure a large number of seats. Please note that you can only get two passes per passenger. So if you want a minimum of 10 seats in all, you must have at least 5 persons to get all 10 seats.

As soon as I have my ticket, when can I take my place? The lobby opens one hours before the curtains and you can use the toilets or buy a concession. and you can sit down. Participants MUST be seated at least 10 min. before the curtains.

Harman Hall toilets will be available one hours before the curtains for guests receiving them. Forgive us, but we can only allow guests to enter our toilets one hours before the curtains. Discounts are available from one hours before the curtains and during breaks. We have Sidney Harman Hall fully open and we try to make sure that all our guests feel at ease outdoors.

Notice: You must continue to purchase lots, whether through Friends of Free For All, subscription lots, the sweepstakes or the line. Do you have an idea for the deaf? On Saturday 25 August at 2 pm Romeo & Juliet will give a show with open subtitles. Part of the best line of vision theater for the open signage is reserved for those who use the open-caption feature.

In addition, auxiliary equipment can be found in the cloakroom at the orchestral stage for each concert. Our audition is scheduled for Saturday, August 25th at 2 p.m. Ok. Sidney Harman Hall (610 F Street NW) is easily reached by metro, the region's most comprehensive and easy-to-use local transport system.

Harman Hall is a unit of the Gallery Pl-Chinatown and Judiciary Square stages. There are several car parks around Sidney Harman Hall; prices and opening hours differ, so please ask each one. IMPORTANT: Infants in weapons are not permitted in the theater.

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