Shakespeare Festival Schedule

The Shakespeare Festival Schedule

Windsor @ Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre. wretchedness No, it'?s not. No, it'?s fiction.

.... Awakening from a road accident by the hit writer Paul Sheldon in a remote house saved from his "number one" freak Annie Wilkes, the fictional quickly becomes real. As he recovers under her "care", Annie surreptitiously read the unreleased script of his new novel Missie and gets angry when she discovers that he murdered her favourite figure.

As Annie asks him to re-write his novel, Paul quickly realises that the only way to prevent his unfortunate ending is to outsmart the socialopathic librophile who seems tied and committed to keeping him confined to bed for ever. Shakespeare's immense misery blends memorable personalities and unparalleled speech into a thrilling dramatic story of violence, political and magical.

A Feelgood Musicical! This is the ultimative feel-good music, this bright and fun storyline unfolded in a paradise of Greece. ABBA's narrative fascination with awe inspiring stories of loving, laughing and loving friendships will create an enjoyable and memorable time! Classical romanticism full of fire and humour. Jane Austen's fire and joke of 1813's classical romanticism come to the fore in this lively adaption.

A wild juke-box party! A jolly juke box party by the female artists, which made the 1960s truly unforgettable, takes the audience on a historical trip back in music. With forty classical charts tips (and of course Aqua Net-glittering hairstyles) this grooving retro-revue hit emphasizes the unforgettable tunes of the Supremes, Janis Joplin's heart-rending rasps, Aretha Franklin's souls and more.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival - Our 2018 Schedule

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