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7enteen is the largest monthly teen magazine and the digital leader with and the Seventeen Now app. The Seventeen Magazine is the world's leading beauty and fashion magazine. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Seventeen Magazine US. It' fun being seventeen!

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7enteen is the biggest teenage magazine on a regular basis and is the leading provider of content in the field of music. Serventeen ( is the biggest magazine for young people, with more than 15 million printed and on-line readership every single months. Seventeen has been helping families of young ladies master the difficult field of teenage life for over 70 years, giving them the self-assurance to become powerful, self-confident youngsters.

Seventeen is a leading player in the online community with - the biggest website for teens magazines, the Seventeen Now application for their iPhone and Droid and the magazine's weekly issue across all major online platform.

7enteen is continuing the discussion on community sites and connects to tens of thousands of girls via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Seventeen releases seven issues around the globe in supplement to its US flag ship. You can also join Seventeen on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

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is the best-selling US magazine for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19. Any periodicals sent by 1 Class Mail UK & Airmail world-wide (except UK over 750g which can be placed in 2nd Class). The Seventeen magazine, as its name implies, was initially intended for seventeen-year-old women, but since then it has been ramified to satisfy the needs of a broader section of the population.

17 magazines are issued worldwide in several different tongues, among them Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Singapore and Thailand. It' great for inspiring your own style of make-up and style, with lots of make-up tips and fashions to make you really look the part! High-class photographing will bring you the latest looks and grab the VIPs who pose for Seventeen only.

The Seventeen Magazine is the most beloved magazine for young women in the USA today.

17 magazines reduce frequency to six times a year

These dismissals come after the release of editor-in-chief Michelle Tan, who was dismissed during her motherhood-leaving. It was supervised by Joanna Coles, who was appointed Hearst's CEO on Tuesday after serving as editor-in-chief of the teenager magazine Mr Goissy and editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan.

Michele Promaulayko, who is likely to contribute to Seventeen's growing global roll. There was no mystery about the teenage bubble-jack. In recent years, Vogue's competitor Condé Nast had a hard start with several imprint cutbacks and the resignation of editor-in-chief Amy Astley, who entered the affiliated Architectural Digest as editor-in-chief.

For some, this step signalled a rough street for teen Vogue, but with seventeen now less prominent in the image - at least the printed one - Condé might want to rethink. In the second half of 2015, the number of copies sold and audited in the Seventeen press remained at the previous year's level of around 2 million.

Whereas the number of copies has taken the helm since Tan, the kiosk has fallen sharply in recent month. Seventeen sold an average of 57,760 kiosks in the last five month of 2016. Whilst the kiosk was hard on all printed products in the sector, Seventeen also had difficulties in achieving significant growth in the field of digitisation.

By 2015, an annual number of seventeen unique pieces had grown to an annual total of 3.7 million.

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