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The SELCO Community Credit Union, Eugene, OR. If you open an account with SELCO, you become more than a customer - you are a member. Press reviews and detailed information about the SELCO Community Credit Union. The SELCO Community Credit Union operates as a non-profit consumer cooperative in Oregon. Find job offers at SELCO Community Credit Union.

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Call us, pay a call, pay a call to one of our branches or register for our on-line bank. If you buy a used vehicle, be careful of "curbside" used vehicle sale by a seller do not have the same protection as by a Dealers. We are happy about the services, the employees, the personal help and everything else they have to provide.

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The SELCO Community Credit Union - Springfield, OR an der Harlow Road 586

The SELCO Community Credit Union has been open since 1936. It is the third biggest credit cooperative in Oregon with total wealth of 1.59 billion dollars and the provision of banker' s service to more than 136,000 members. 586 Harlow Road site by a call (541) 686-9479 or by contacting the credit cooperative through any of these means:

Work at Selco Community Credit Union: staff appraisals

Love the crowd and the SELCO enjoyment of it! I' d definitely work for SELCO. Poisonous working area with very exquisite setting. On the whole, the enviroment is poor. Seleo is the best! Seleo was an outstanding com-pany. Surroundings were funny and short-lived. Focussed on the achievement of corporate strategy objectives. Collaborating work environments with high-qualified specialists who work together on our strategy.

When your opinions do not agree with theirs, then you have no opinions. When you' re well liked, you'll be staying long. Have a good holiday and sickness. I' spent four years working in the plate department. In 2000 I moved to the collection department. I' ve been processing the credit union's deficit balance.

Being in a fast-paced world. They are great and the work was for the most part rewarding and rewarding. In recent years, however, there has been less open-mindedness and more requirements without regard to the need for timeframes, know-how and compulsions.

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