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Reception near Seattle, WA. Famous for its coffee, rainy weather, wooded surroundings and the art and music scene, Seattle should be celebrated for another area of interest: wedding venues. Accommodation, resorts, country clubs and more for wedding ceremonies, wedding locations and rehearsal dinners in Seattle. Wedding venues and receptions for your big day celebration in Seattle. As the coveted Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, Seattle offers all the magic a couple can expect when planning their wedding.

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Wellcome to Edgewater House! Think of a hot summers night in a place by the water with huge verdant flowers that stretch to the skies and are lit by a pair of tealights that decorate the pediments of the Edgewater House. See for yourself. Fabulous setting - an attentive staff - an event to remember - capacity available all year round (200 + outdoor) location facilities that are included:

Then we prepare the desks and seats, put them up and take them off. Choose and supply your favourite linen, we will unfold the serviettes according to your personal choice of designs and then assemble each of them. Throughout the entire length of your events, we keep the interior and exterior of the location tidy so that your visitors feel spoiled and in good hands.

Accompanying persons are available for bigger groups to help your visitors park their cars. Renting of 8 hours place of event. Coffee and tea towels are available. Chair and desks included: Prefabricated 200 x 200 x 24 60 in: round desks 4 x 8 feet 10 x 6 feet 1 48 in: round desks 2 x 36 in: round desks 4 x 29 x 38 in: round desks Additional services and facilities on request:

From party supervisors to complete wedding planning packages, our day-of-event supervisor provides you with a wide range of services. Edgewater House's local specialist will work with you or your wedding advisor to book your appointments, organise the event timetable, co-ordinate all catering and drink detail, support meal arrangements, choose your linens and ensure that your wedding at Edgewater House is an unforgettable one.

The barkeeper will offer your customers a hearty grin with a glas of champaign from a classical coffee-break. We supply marshmallows. ) Customer -specifically selected straight berries and/or groundnut butters. Additional hours (Just in case you need more party time!) about our venue and our location: Edgewater House has high skylights that give off light and open onto a terrace overlooking the sea.

Frenchside door, bathtub, hook, lounge, complete bath, mirror, side tables, two washbasins, sockets and patios. There are four large mirror, tables and armchairs, bathrooms, walk-in tiled showers and a separate terrace. Large schist swimming pools tables, billiard cue, crayon, crayons, football and a spacious lounge next to our large terrace overlooking MT.

Baker, Seattle, Vashon Island and the Puget Sound, which provide a wonderful backdrop for all your wedding photographs. Disabled Entrance (please inform personnel if there are special needs.) The location is between a tree-lined river and the Puget Sound waters. Scotted gardens surround the location and give our Pacific Northwest Styles a touch of sophistication.

Edgewater House is conceived to offer the most stunning view and is as near as possible to the sandside. The Edgewater House's romanticism and charms, with its inherent beauties and North West freshness, are the most beautiful things in the world. Our goal is to fulfil each couple's wedding visions by offering you one of the best venues in Washington State and a highly qualified team that will spoil you throughout your wedding time.

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