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The collection contains perhaps the largest collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the United States. Explore the Steinberg Sculpture Garden in Brooklyn, New York: Griffiss International Sculpture Garden continues to grow. Sculpture Park Griffis Sixth annual festival with DRIFTWOOD! New York City's largest outdoor sculpture showroom.

The Sculpture Garden

It will be open to the general public from 30 March to 31 October. Former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer Donald M. Kendall designed the garden that bears his name. Begun in 1965, the sculpture gallery is made up of works by important 20th c. artisans. The world-renowned gardener, Russell Page, turned the site into an artwork of gardening.

You will find the sculpture and garden in perfect balance on a well-kept area. In order to guarantee the security of staff and guests and to safeguard both the countryside and the collections, we ask all our guests to observe the following rules: Sun bathing and sport is not allowed. Whilst we like to show the beauties of the college and the arts collections to the general population, this is primarily our main office.

We have therefore set up a timetable to allow us to enter the site without disrupting our work. Timetable for schools and camps and the general community is listed below, but may be changed without prior notification or with little or no prior notification. In order to verify that the garden is open, please call 914-253-3150.

Reservation is necessary for groups of schools and camps. Schools and camps are only allowed to come by coach. Groups of schools and camps are allowed on campus: Individual visitors are welcome to visit the garden and sculptures: In order to be able to enjoy our garden and sculpture collections, you can simply click on the link below to view and browse the maps.

Access to the business premises is not allowed for groups due to bad atmospheric conditions.

Socrates' shotgun!

Socrates' shotgun! For a place to see the July 4 firework display in Long Island City, we suggest Gantry Plaza State Park! From Socrates the firework is not seen and the park will not be open after nightfall. Socrates can be reached in many ways, click HERE for further information!

As we uninstall our former show The Socrates annually and set up our next show buililt, which will open on May 6, 2018, the park will remain open. Visit us on Sunday, 25 March, 3-5 pm to commemorate the Socrates International Exposition. Socrates' summer festival performers Tali Keren and Alex Strada show their shortfilm'Save the Presidents' every February in Times Square as part of the Midnight Moment show!

At the Socrates Opening Ceremony, Sunday, October 1, 3-6 pm! Join a curator-led AUDIO TOUR or view the exhibit in person at your local publisher to see the show. Socrates line-up announces Norte Maar's dance! The Socrates 2017 Broadway Billboard Collection, due April 15, is now accepted. The park is open daily until the sun sets.

From 7 November, take the N/W to Broadway to get to Socrates. The T-Magazine's current portrait of the park's creator - his work & team. The new EAF16 Artist Profiles on Andrew Brehm is now online! Read this week's #SocratesProfile to find out more about Dylan Gauthier's #EAF16 kitesurfing experience.

Please have a look at our current EAF16 artists profile and come and see us for the coming show on Sat 10/15 at 5:15 pm. Take the LIC Art Bus this Saturday and Sunday and see Socrates, Noguchi Museum, Sculpture Center, MoMA PS1! Meet our 2016 EMF Fellows here! Dancing with Socrates comes back!

for a three-week program of choreographer-in-residence and new dancing. The opera in the garden! The Guerrilla Storytime will return to the reserve on Saturdays in July & August from 2 pm to 4 pm! We are currently receiving entries from dancing company for the participation in the Sommerfestival. The Socrates & Noguchi are taking a walk this Sunday, May 15th:

Our Resident Horticulturalist Yousif Dawud spends Earth Day in the garden with native undergraduates. Do you want to do an internship at Socrates? On the occasion of the park's 30-year jubilee, we are proud to announce LANDMARK, a range of artists' works that are changing the country. Make a trip to the garden part of your holiday itinerary.

Melanie McLain is exploring the interface between politics and the home in her work. Dyson, the EAF 15 performer Torkwase, examines the architectural design as a windows to the living experiences of slave. Please have a look at our current profile. Kirsten Nelson's EAF 15 artiste' installations reflect the transformation of the neighbourhood. Have a look at our current profile to find out more.

Carla Edwards, an EAF 15 artiste, asks the visitor to give an item in the group of caves that make up her `profit and costs. Learn more in our current artists profile. Please have a look at our current EAF 15 artists profile. Noa Younse, the creator of EAF 15, makes dates visual in his installation'The Ant Ensemble', as in our current Artistport.

Kenseth Armstead, an EAF 15 artiste, wanted to establish a connection between the gardens and the Astoria houses in the area, see our current artists profile. The EAF16 and FOLLY 2016 contests will end on Monday, January 25. More about Charlotte Hyzys view on shape and shape in our current EAF 15 artists profile.

A must-have for all those wishing to apply for 2016, with a range of interesting articles, in-depth articles and interview. Surf and sculpture clash in our current artists profile - continue reading! Socrates' director John Hatfield will talk about Justin Randoph Thompson's work on Wynwood Radio's UNTITLEDs. We' re happy to announce open tenders for Folly 2016 and EAF16!

Will you miss the opening for EAF 15 on Sunday? Watch this short film of the show and visit the garden to see all 15 new installation! Visit us on September 12th in the parc for jugglery, aerobatics and perfomance work! Watch the 11 fantastic dancing troupes performing in the Labor Day week-end in the play!

Have a look at an interviewee with the sculptor about the inspirations for her vertical hole sculpture shown until August 30th. And Agnes Denes' icons are in the themepark, where he will stay until October 31! Elissa Goldstone at IK Studio - click here to see the Torqueing Spheres in the last sunday!

We' ll be at the LIC Block Party this Saturday from 12 to 17 o'clock - come and see us and many other LIC art and culture events! Watch a detailed talk with the contemporary Socrates performer about her sculpture Suspect Terrain, which can be seen in the garden until August. The 4th part of our serie reads about the resident choreograph Randy James, who opens the third episode of Dance at Socrates.

Come by every Saturday from 12-3 pm to work with a Socrates performer and make your own work! Agnes Denes is pleased to announce a new work. ArchLeague and Socrates announce the winners of the 2015 series. Search over 1,000 artistic albums by looking for past shows or performers.

Austin+Mergold, chosen from over 170 entries, has won the third yearly Folly Contest with SuralArk.

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