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Headquartered in Bakersfield, CA & Kern County, Credit Union specializes in home loans, car loans, online banking, credit cards and asset management. Comments on the services, products and member services of the County Schools FCU are welcome. The" phisher" pretends to be a legitimate financial institution or credit card company. Look what happens at YOUR credit union! The new Lockport Schools Federal Credit Union website!

Financial Credit Union Schools, California's leading credit union

Forgotten your username? no bank charges! We will reward you for a short period of your stay with a top price. It'?s your credit. "The SchoolsOnline makes it easier for us to meet our bank needs." We would like to learn about the important and daily events in your lives and how our goods or our service have been used.

Schools use Easy Play to make most user loans payment transactions on-line. Winning $500* and have your picture posted in our 2019 Calendar!

Arizona Local Credit Cooperative

Created with the conviction that we as a fellowship can do more of our money by working together. The more our members use our service, the more we can return - so you can reach your objectives more quickly. We' re giving over $30,000 to high school senior citizens who are volunteers in our church.

If you are a member of a credit cooperative, you are an entrepreneur, not a client. Are you looking for a credit cooperative?

Contacts - County Schools Federal Credit Union (Ventura, CA)

Please comment on the FCU County Schools FCU membership fees, product offerings and support. There is another member being sought by the Supervisory Committee, and that could be you! In our member-owned, non-profit co-operative structures, the monitoring committee's involvement often means that the long-term interests of the members are central. Both the Committee and Internal Audit perform duties that ensure that the Credit Union's funds are securely and solidly administered and that the Board of Directors operates in a way that is advantageous to its members.

ATM/ Visa debit cards, dial 1,888,241,2510. Visas, call 1,800,558,3424. Branch Ventura: The County Schools Federal Credit Union has been serving the education needs of the Ventura County education communities since January 1960. Our mission is to improve the economic well-being of our members and the education communities we work for.

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