Scenic Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Landscape

The Village of Irvington and The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc. own Park Owners Scenic Hudson Park in Irvington. The Valley Rail Trail will remain as the inhabitants have come to know it. This is an example of a green infrastructure project in the Hudson Valley. It has become an important public facility for the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Have a scenic ride through beautiful Pennsylvania in the fall and into the beautiful Hudson River Valley of New York State.

The Hudson Valley, New York

Looking over the Tappan Zee Bridge (I-287) over the Hudson Bridge to the south, you can see what Holland's discoverers saw almost 400 years ago. Here the stream is almost three nautical mile across, between hills and foothills - a glistening trail into an emerging country. You' ll be following in the footsteps of Indians, adventure seekers, George Washington's Continental Army and Gilded Age millions while you enjoy views that inspire the Hudson River Artist more than a hundred years ago.

Hot summits, steep dales, forests and farmhouses share artistic, humane comunities. Historical places and many of the country's greatest villas - among them FDR's longstanding home at Hyde Park-abound. From Nyack city, on the west shore of Hudson, north to Kingston and Rhinebeck, then southwards along Hudson to Tarrytown.

Fashionable fashion stores, art stores, antique stores and ethnical cafes give Nyack a Greenwich Village atmosphere. The Edward Hopper House Art Center contains material that depicts his live and offers exhibition spaces for domestic and international Art. When the wooded hills climb over foggy Hudson, you arrive at the 2,051 hectare Bear Mountain State Park.

Climb George W. Perkins Memorial Drive to Bear Mountain, 1,284 feet (391 meters) high, for a magnificent view of the stream far below. There is also a wilderness centre, campsite, walking, golf, boat trips and the Bear Mountain Inn with its own restaurants. U.S. 6 and NY 17M head westwards to the Monroe community and the MuseumVillage which houses a 19. citadel.

Situated on the Goshen Historic Track, right on the highroad. The city' s landmark is Hugenottenstrasse, a road with seven domestic art galleries (six of which are original), which represent the lifestyles of the upper-class French Protestants who established themselves here in 1677.

You' ll also see the doors to Mohonk Mountain House, a spacious, quaint 19-th grade Mohonk Lake residential complex that looks like an Old World Palaceodge and is a member of Historic Hotels of America. Few mile past Mohonk, County Rd. 6 links County Rd. 1 and brings you to the riverbank harbor of Kingston, agreed by the Dutch in 1652 and appointed New York's first state capitol in 1777.

Kingston Urban Cultural Park Visitor Centre provides information about the area. You can also go down to the riverbank and walk through the 19th-century Rondout, Kingston's harbour area, full of caf├ęs, stores and boating. Here too: the Trolley Museum of New York and the Hudson River Maritime Museum. Northbound on U.S. 9W and across the Hudson on Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge into the noble age.

Situated in the centre of this wonderful country, the town of Rhinebeck has over 300 places in the National Register of Historical Heritage. "Nearby are a number of historical manor houses that are part of the Hudson River National Landmark District, among them Clermont State Historic Site, where seven generation of the powerful Livingston families live, Montgomery Place, a classic, seasonal open seasonal rival mansion, and Staatsburgh State Historic Site, allegedly one of the venues for writer Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth.

You will soon reach the Hyde Park town, where architectural enthusiasts want to stop at the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site. Formerly known as" the most beautiful place on the Hudson between New York and Albany", the property is nothing less than a memorial to the richness that made Vanderbilt's America's wealthiest 19-thcentury family the first of its kind.

Not so great, but perhaps more historical is another Hyde Park property, home to Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site. The Eleanor Roosevelt National History Site, known as Val-Kill, where FDR's woman used to live in her later years, is close by. The Culinary Institute of America, one of the country's leading culinary institutes, is a last stop in Hyde Park.

Returning to U.S. 9W, further southwards through Newburgh, where George Washington and his forces were deployed at the end of the Revolutionary War. Drive on to NY Route 218, which provides stunning views of Mount Sorm King high above the Hudson. Leave the Akademie in the south, across the stream and drive a few leagues southbound on the NY 9D.

There is a shuttleship to Kykuit, the cottage of several generation of Rockefellers and the treasure of the Hudson Valley Villas. Drive a little further southwards to Lyndhurst. Summer brings more traffic to picturesque side streets, so the best time for fewer vehicles and moderate temperatures is from April to mid-June and September to mid-October.

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