Sarasota Beach Wedding Venues

The Sarasota Beach Wedding Venue

to siesta key beach wedding destination. Join us and enjoy your Anna Maria Island Beach Wedding in Sarasota. Siesta Beach Wedding Locations and Siesta Key Strand Wedding Packages. The sea view is the perfect setting for weddings on the beach of Sarasota. Build the perfect Sarasota beach wedding.

Florida Beach Weddings - Sarasota Beach

Sarasota County is one of the best beach wedding locations in Florida with its mileage. People from all over the globe are flocking to Siesta Keys - TripAdvisors #1 U.S. Beach in 2015 - for its famed beach of fine sands. Manufactured from 99 per cent silica, the shores here are reflecting the sunlight, i.e. even on the lightest day the sandy beach is smooth and chilly under the feet.

The Siesta Key is best for a day of the week or night event; due to its appeal, the beach can be overcrowded at busy times. Sundown with the golden sands, set off by the blue water of the gulf, create a magic colour palette, ideal for breathtaking wedding photos. In cooperation with the Park Division we help you to co-ordinate the logistic of your beach wedding on Siesta Key.

From the four areas available on Siesta Key for beach wedding, we suggest zone 2. You can park for free in a car park on 900 Beach Road, Siesta Key. There are a wide range of dining, resort and nightclubs where your patrons will enjoy the celebrations around your wedding on our Lido Beach ceremonial grounds.

It is recommended to stay at Lido Beach Resort with its own beach and indoor heating pool, and a trip to this jewel of Sarasota should not be complete without a stop at the Blue Dolphin Cafe, renowned for its breakfasts. Here we can help you to co-ordinate all aspects of your Lido Beach wedding.

Either North Zone One, which offers an unspoilt beach, sanddunes and pinewood, or Zone Two, which is nearer a number of leisure pursuits. Lido Beach requires a wedding license of $54 per minute. For a more remote adventure with the chance to see one of nature's most intriguing marine life, schedule your Turtle Beach Celebration.

You' ll have a quieter time in this less densely populated area and maybe even see a sea turtle. Whichever wedding location you decide on in Sarasota County, we are sure this sun-drenched windsurfing and sandy course will be an memorable place for your big time. Have a look at our funny, hands-on wedding maker that allows the bride to create her own unique wedding design!

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