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Prize: $$ Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History Santa Cruz. The Hilton Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley. The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. The Hilton Santa Cruz Scotts Valley. Locate local wedding locations and wedding receptions in Santa Cruz, California.

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You are looking for a breathtaking place for your wedding, your company events or your celebrations? Featuring stunning scenery and the sea breezes at your side, we invite you to come and see our unbelievable location at Hollins House. Situated in Santa Cruz, California, our location offers some of the most coveted sights and comforts.

On-site co-ordinators have a wealth of expertise in wedding scheduling, hosting and caterers. For more information about our location and our service, please contact our kind employees at (831) 459-9182 to arrange a free meeting. This is what our location can offer you: This is a place for all seasons.

Whatever the scale, volume or nature of the events you are going to host, you should consider renting our wedding location in Santa Cruz. For more information about our location, facilities, booking options and service, please contact our Santa Cruz events planner at 831-459-9182.

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Featuring missionary architecture from the 1930s and 300 hectares of indigenous oaks, eucalyptuses, redwood and madrons, this wedding room looks rural while still providing the wedding planing and resorts facilities you will need to be comfortable. Feast your romance under the sunshine of California with your loved ones, your families, your boyfriends and the most scenic place Santa Cruz has to boast.

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Shelves Winery and Wineyards is a truly exceptional, exquisite wedding location with beautiful Indian wells, artful orchards, olives and vines that provide plenty of photographic possibilities and provide an memorable backdrop for your wedding anniversary. Just think of saying your "I Dos" in the official garden under the clear California skies, encircled by luxuriant greens and overlooking the Santa Cruz hills.

You can use the garden in connection with the outside pub and the inner court, which comprises a roofed Portikus with a large Granit degustation barbecue and an adjacent wood-fired ovens. On the terrace of the fruit garden there is a beautiful open-air eating place with vineyards, candles and a fancy shed.

On the second level, the restaurant offers a charming and inviting interior with a domed Travertin ceilings, frescoes painted in Italy, Venice stucco and artistic chimneys that give an old and cosy ambience to Tuscany. There is a spacious open plan living room with a spacious, open plan kitchen and a spacious open plan kitchen.

Influenced by ancient Italy's countryside and mansions, shelves offer the possibility of sharing the laid-back and refined way of life that surround the winemaking process to celebrate your wedding.

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