Safe Credit Union Sacramento

Secure credit union Sacramento

Recently I visited a SAFE credit cooperative in Sacramento to open an expense account. The SAFE Credit Union, Folsom, California. The SAFE Credit Union has updated its cover. Sacramento Business Journal. MSA Statistical Range: Sacramento,CA.

About SAFE Credit Union - 29 Ratings - Banks & Credit Unions - 2901 K St, Midtown, Sacramento, CA - Telephone number

That'?s my way to the safe part. I' ve got four bank balances with them, plus a auto and a commercial line of credit. There' re no charges and they always work with me. You have a contact me feature that asks if there are any other functions you can offer, and I appreciate that.

The only little problems I have are the amount of sales in this store. You will eventually isolate my app and opt to work it with me on the phone, (I was approved) and yet my credit was run 3 wks before. Well, if that was an indicator of what our client services are like.

You are inviting specialists to speak about programmes available to members and there are a few benefits for presenting your debit cards in specific locations. I' ve had no problem with this bench. Horrible experiences with the use of credit cards for travelling. I' m calling to let them know I'm on my way, and the card's been rejected everywhere.

If I can't use the map when I want, why use it? If they' re still refusing, why call Safe and let them know? Terribly awful horrible after sales support for the solution of all problems. I' m staying with my other credit cooperatives. It' really the poorest bank I've ever done that.

In one of the stores I phoned to get more information about the trial and whether the results were immediate or not. On Tuesday of the following weeks I received a confirmation e-mail from the safe with a higher interest charge. and I needed a cashier's cheque to cover the rest.

You' re going to the local branch to get a cheque. You can' take it in a safe. I should be able to get a cashier's cheque from my credit card company until the deal is closed. who might be able to help me get my cheque.

I' m also very frustrated that I can't call in safe and get information about my bankroll until they get an bankroll number, national insurance number, name, call centre ID from me, but they will allow an jerk in Africa (a land I've never been to or made fees on my credit card) to meet my bankroll with direct debiting fees, and although I start it the same afternoon, I have to waiting for them to get the money back on my bankroll.

No, just no. I made some big contributions in hand to my current accounts after I sold some of them was a car I had. The cashier begins asking me about my money in the safe McClellan store to make a payment. You own your own store? She asked.

I' m sorry, how is this your deal? However, at least 3 time now when I go to make a withdrawal, they deny me say they don't have enough cash around the first of the monthly as everyone there is paying their goverment cheques! It'?s my dime. At the end of a fortnight or so, if it is comfortable for them, I will shut down my bank and move my shop somewhere else where they know how to better administer their withdrawal.

l fucking like this business! I' ve never had a problem with one of the employees and they always help me quickly to solve problems with my accoun. A further advantage is that if you change your credit or debit cards, they will immediately give you a new one, it is a small charge of ten bucks and it only lasts five mins!

So, I go to this house to cash a cheque and take out during a luncheon time. In addition to the shortage of personnel, the cashier Miles continues to obtain the manager's permission for a CSR. He' going on to get the manager' s permission. I' ve been in the bench 20 mins now.

Hmm, funny'cause I just made the same deal at the same bench last weekend. I' d like to talk to the executive. Again I made my plea and explained that it is quite possible, as I only dealt with the same question last weekend in this very large store.

I have never in my whole lifetime found it tolerable to be laughing at money matters, especially as a banking man. The EDWIN should not be a banking executive, let alone a cashier. and I' ll never go back to that area. I' m almost closing this one.

Lovin' my new bench! And so I walked out of another bench I'd been to for almost 30 years to get here. SAFE folks call me by name, they don't keep my savings and they don't make me pay laughable charges to use my cash or move my business moneys.

There are so many good reason why I like SAFE. It takes five-minute to get a new ( or a replacement) credit cardholder directly at the store. Our staff do not behave like sober, soul-less "bank employees" and smiles and talks to you. I' ve recently been dealing with one of the notary publics, Richard, and he was helping me close a tedious transaction, and he was extremely supportive and extremely punctual and quickly called me back.

Because he was 3:00 on a Friday, he knew how to do it. SAFE doesn't let up. I have never felt SAFE judging me and I am thankful for that. Firstly, I can't make a transaction on-line because I don't have any funds in my bankroll ( "they opened it in my name when I bought a car") and they don't accept telephone credit.

I' ve just been calling to find out my number and the whereabouts of one of my branches, so that my important other one could make a deposit for me, and they don't allow it, even though he brings cash into your house and pays into an inexistent one. I' m dying to get refinanced and do my deal somewhere else.

After I went through the identification process with Mark, he said I couldn't make a purchase over the telephone because I didn't have my bank number, now if I wasn't me, do you think I would know all those responses?

And I needed help signing in because I forgot my login and my user name and I saw if they could help me, no, they said because I don't have my bank number, they can't do anything for me. Now, I checked the bankroll, why couldn't they help me?

You' ve hoisted my accout and everything but couldn't even help me why have a support line when the addiction will even help you. It is a very moneymaking rather than loyalty driven institution. Recently I talked to a buyer who got an out of state cheque.

As well as giving her the false wait when the money was available, it turned out that she was mistaken about the process. While this is a general evaluation of SAFE CU, I opened my Antelope Branch membership years ago, so I am happy to write this evaluation.

I and SAFE have had our ups and downs over the years, but this evening I was sitting down to order cheques. When I was looking for the router number on their website I never found by the way, so I went to look for my last cheque number and found a few interesting things about my credit union.

How much do you charges me while you're holding my purse, I wonder. A last thing if you ever need a new debit card, they they you will lose it or they will top up you $5. I don't mind my credit union in Albuquerque. Maybe I keep all my cash there and just use SECURE to place my bid.

If you need some fast money, you can't be near your own ATM. It is not a DIRECT issue, as you can of course use your ATM cards at any local credit union or institution. Usually I was met with a $2-$5 charge when I use the ATM of a local banking or credit union (or the more costly ATMs installed in clubs and pubs).

That doesn't account for the $1. 75 load I get at the BACK-END by the Golden 1 credit union itself. In this way, cross-linked ATMSs help close the gaps that my own credit union may not have. However now and then I will beat golden off the booking (forgive the golden 1 word game) and can use another credit union's ATM without causing any tolls.

The SAFE Credit Union is one such bonuses find with several sites throughout the Sacramento area. LOWDOWN SAFE Credit Union is a place where I am happy to run my ATM operations and I have to give them good grades because they are not even my own credit union, so thank you SURE!

I had no problems being added to the FBO accounts with El Dorado and Coast Central. The safe won't let me have an FBO in the accounts unless it's deleted from the accounts. Okay, well, your bench can have a slow politics, but let's not waste two hour when we first open the accounts, and don't tell us anything, even if I've clearly stated what we want.

Then don't be treating me like a burglar trying to take my father's cash when we call with a query. Secure credit cooperative? After all, we put most of his cash in his pension fund, so we wanted to transfer some of his life insurance deposits to his cheques. Real poor deal.

I' ve been a member of SAFE Credit Union for over a year, without any complaint, until now. Then you see how this individual, or in this case Credit Union cares about their members. There was a misdemeanor committed by a cashier. The SAFE managment has recognized the mistake and made me well.

Hats off to Stacy, the county chief, who made me feel good. Guessing I am now an adult acting on principles when I ended a 15-year long relation with my bank, Safe CU, about more than $140 for unauthorised dues and their services staff indicating that I do not need to know how on-line shopping works (SMH).

I have been authorizing this retailer to withdraw funds from my bank accounts since I submitted my credit cards on-line, not just for a one-time operational buy. As I went to the store to shut down my bankroll, not a member of staff asked me why I ended the relation, and while I was awaiting, I saw a cashier after he learned from his client that he was using a Falk ID, we say: "Let's just leave it between you and me", and still process the deal.

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