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NJ[Foto : Chris Bartow] The Barn at Perona Farms Andover, NJ[Foto : Michelle Lange Photographie via Style Me Pretty] DiMeo's Blueberry Farm Hammonton, NJ. New Jersey wedding variety for a rustic wedding. So what is it about a big red barn, silos, rustic fences and farmland that is fascinating for brides and grooms right now? Locate the best wedding locations and sellers in New Jersey. Here you will find information and photos of beautiful barns, farms and other rustic wedding places in your area.

New Jersey Top Farms and Barn Wedding Venues

So what is it about a big bay, silo, rustic fencing and farmland that is fascinating for the bride and groom right now? Whilst many events organisers say that this major wedding fashion is a total renunciation of formally marbled lobbies, others refer to innumerable Pinterest planks (like our own, here) of rustic sheds that are "cladded" with formally decorated items such as candlesticks, porcelain, bed linen and cathedrals that bring tender womanhood down on the atrium.

From arched beamed ceiling slabs to classical wooden gates and rustic wooden fencing, the architectural design of a shed has its own antique sophistication. But it becomes all the more so when the glamour of the wedding illuminates the frame. The attraction of this wedding is the relaxed atmosphere that you provide your wedding partners by combining stylish entertainment with the beautiful scenery:

It' a simple way to make your wedding anniversary easier. "One feels the feeling of romance more in a home environment than in an old wedding hall", says wedding planer Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design in Verona. Some of Jersey's best stables and farms: The Chimney Hill Inn A wonderful mix of rustic charms and sophisticated sophistication, the Chimney Hill Inn provides an idyllic wedding scenery on eight and a half hectares in Lambertville.

"We' can have tents, floor coverings, lighting and more to make parties to match your party list," says Rothweiler, the Chimney Hill Inn events planner, finding the courtyard is great for 150 to 200 people. In the luxurious barns suite, the luxurious ambience of the B&B decorates with refined chimneys and rustic decor, perfectly prepared for a newlyweds and maidens, a bridegroom and his best men and mistresses.

When you want a wedding in the open countryside in either early or late autumn, you can camp your wedding in the lovely countryard or outdoors. "Rothweiler says, "We use New Jersey locals for our wedding menus," adds that for cocktails, receptions or after parties, grass matches can be arranged on the same grounds as alpaca (very much loved by wedding attendees for photographers).

The Chimney Hill provides a relaxed, private atmosphere for every couple's wedding reception outdoors. This 30s old stable was refurbished in April 2013 with a nice new ground and wood work, a reddish elder, a nut tree lounge and lighting to give this rustic former dairying establishment a contemporary touch of fashion.

Located on 260 hectares in Andover, Perona Farms has been transformed into a Old Hollywood élite resort with a wealth of guest histories, including Joe DiMaggio, Eva Gabor, Groucho Marx, Ethel Merman, Errol Flynn and Artie Shaw. The Perona Farms, embedded in the charms of Old Hollywood, offer arcadic sophistication in its fully air-conditioned and warm shed, which is not easily found.

The Perona Farms can accommodate 30 to 300 people and has desks and seats - no need to rent which many barns need - and its caterers are also on site. There is also a large fireplace in the shed. Stone-row's farm, Stockton. Founded in 1743, Stone Row's farm recently entered the bride world.

"We' ve had several marriages for our friend, and now we're available for all wedding groups," says Carter Olcott, Stone Rows Director. There is a 3,200 square meter welcome shed for up to 180 persons, in combination with its famous motorcycle shed, which is perfectly suited for a trial meal and an after-party with its bars, lasers and coke machines serving bottled beers.

They will even put up an old country car that serves as a platform for a band or DJ. You' ll have your caterer's own 1,500 sq. metre large meal preparation shed and you can also put up a marquee for your wedding almost anywhere on the spacious estate. Visitors can see the local cattle, flocks and lambs, and the fantastic position of the property provides the ideal backdrop for a picture of the newlyweds and brides at noon.

You can idyllically design the front staircase of the lovely stony cottage with a panoramic garden with views of the swimming pools and farmer's meadows with rustic touches such as a bale of grass for outdoor or tent use. There is no need to be worried about a slimy ground if it is raining before your wedding anniversary.

"This place has good drainage," says Olcott. "There was a wedding where it was raining a few centimetres the morning before the show, and by 5 p.m. everything had withered out. "There are four double rooms, four single rooms, four single rooms and two half rooms, an in-laws toilet with two double rooms, a complete bathroom and a full equipped bathroom and a three-room holiday home where your wedding guests can sleep, making transport to and from the next nearby hotels superfluous.

Your patrons can celebrate their stay on the site until the cock crowing, as this site has no limits in terms of length or noisiness. The Stone Rows Farm is available from May to November. Sterling Brook Farm, Pittstown. Open ed to the general public recently, this brandnew wedding and events location was opened in 1979 as a horse hospital and team.

Situated on 175 hectares, the recently refurbished 175 hectare barns are the ideal rustic backdrop for your wedding. Festivities and receipts can take place in the stable as well as in the fields. Rent is $3,200 and can accommodate up to 100 people. That loft at Jack's Barns, Oxford.

Jack's Barns is a turn of the millennium food store situated on four hectares in Warren County, combining the rustic with the sophisticated to provide a truly stylish and uniquely decorated area. A cereal mill from 1711, the central part of the house can be used for 10 hrs for up to 135 people.

New yard and barnyard locations: Lambertville, Brookmill Family. The Brookmill Ranch provides private and luxurious accommodation on over 13 hectares. Encircled by luxuriant forests, this mansion features an estate, a guesthouse, a warm swimmingpool, authentic mill feet, a quiet stream, a roofed viaduct and much more. Prices range from $15,000, including two-night accommodation for up to 16 people, park and shuttles service and a luxurious toilet trail.

The Hageman Farm and Horse Shed, Somerset. Hageman Farmhouse is ideal for your small wedding, with a max. seating for 40 persons. Hageman Horse Barns has a total of 80. Rode's and Swedesboro. Nowadays, this laid-back and rustic 1940s shed is used for informal marriages and partys.

The Parsonage in Cranbury, Parsonage in the north of France. In springs, summers and autumn, this shed was the scene of wedding celebrations for up to 80 people and wedding snaps. It' not available for wedding parties. There are no electrical, heating, plumbing and toilet installations in the vicarage, and no alcohol or tobacco are permitted.

209 South Middlebush Road, Somerset, 732-828-7418. Woods Edge Farm, Stockton. IF YOU WANT MORE RUSTIC SITES IN NEW JERSEY, CLICK HERE. Here is a trick that definitely doesn't work when he talks to wedding salesmen.

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