Rustic Wedding Venues in South Florida

A rustic wedding variety in South Florida

Sout Florida Rustic Wedding Venues. Inn Beach Resort and Marina Holiday Isle postcard. If you' re thinking of South Florida, you probably don't necessarily think of barns or rustic environments, but we've found a few places in Miami that can give you the rustic look you're looking for.

If you' re thinking of South Florida, you probably don't necessarily think of barns or rustic environments, but we've found a few places in Miami that can give you the rustic look you're looking for. It is a fairly new location, but already has unparalleled viewing figures. It is just one of many rooms they have as part of their event location.

It has been completely renovated - as you can see from the candelabra, the light and the grey wood floor. There is space for 10-12 desks for receptions and can also be used for the wedding as you can see in the picture below.

Besides, Antoni and I got remarried there, so although this is my favourite place in the world, we may be a little prejudiced. Looking for a breathtaking scenery, this breathtaking farmyard with a cottage and a unique adventure is only 30 min from Miami.

Initially a holiday home for Santi and her husband and her husband, they opened the yard for meetings after careful thought. Santi, a beautiful cook, now runs the estate.

Across the beach: Up to 10 rustic wedding locations in Florida

Every year Florida attracts tens of millions of visitors looking for sunny, sandy and blue surfs, from its glistening Atlantic coast to the oversleep, unspoilt Gulf rim. Also littered with rustic farmhouses and runs, Florida's enchanting weather-beaten barn and bouolic setting make for perfect wedding locations.

Cross Creek Ranch covers 10 hectares of land and provides two truly outstanding open-air locations: Carriage Stable House, against the scenery of imposing oak trees and white oak, and the French Country Hotel with its cosy wedding pavilion and beautiful flowerbed. Included in the package are all-inclusive arrangements - which include tasting times, a wedding wardrobe and individual decoration - and a wedding co-ordinator to take care of every detail of the outing.

There is a horse-drawn coach available for a big performance, which takes the newlyweds across the manor house to the wedding ceremonies. Situated in southern Miami-Dade County, this place covers three hectares and offers the best of both worlds to the groom and bride: it exudes charme and sophistication, but its rustic surroundings make the guest experience home barefoot - all the better for dance at nights.

The Jupiter Farms Runch is the property of wedding photo maker Sara Kauss and her man Zak. It lies on a calm sea and radiates an old Florida feeling thanks to its somewhat wild palm tree scenery and lovely shed. In this breathtaking open-air location, 30 min from Tampa, the countryside rules.

Its rustic nature is supplemented by eventful furnishings, from handcrafted wood stools to a ceremonial room in the middle of a forest of huge sycamores. Practical owners of the manor are always available and pairs can select their own sellers. The Lange Farma, just a brief ride from the centre of Tampas, covers 80 hectares of green farmland and has two independent welcoming areas - the garden house in the garden design with its surrounding veranda and glass chandelier and the Antique Barns, a former horses' barns, which today host open-air dining area.

On the 80 hectare site there are huge oak trees and ancient pavilions, which provide you with a selection of ceremonial sites. In Hillsborough County, opened in 2016, Prairie Glenn Barn was invented by a wedding professional crew who wanted to provide a full wedding event for the couple. With a size of 104 ft and 54 ft, Prairie Glenn can host a wedding with up to 300 people.

We have air-conditioned the new built shed, so that you and your guest can comfortably enjoy dancing even on the sultryest of Florida evenings. Saxon Manor, one of our favourite places in this history, affectionately managed and maintained by Dorothea and Greg Stephens, unites Viktorian style with Mediterranean romanticism.

Accommodating the carefully renovated Saxon Scarborough House, the estate provides a beautiful garden room for the couple and a delightful Shabby Chic Barn as a welcome room. The oaks drip and allow pairs to exchange their professions in a romance in the open air before partying with boyfriends and families in one of the two rooms that are furnished to their taste.

The Santa Fe River ranch covers 1,750 hectares of farmland along the Santa Fe River in North-Central Florida. The farm's amenities included a renovated shed, a new closed shed with attic and winding stairs, a classic chalet and magnificent oaks, the latter being a favourite choice for ritual.

Only one wedding per weeks, which means you will have the full care of your team. While there are no interior ceremonial or welcoming rooms, a vivid oaken roof and wonderful scenery provide a singular and scenic environment. They can rent any provider, and wedding kits involve the use of the location for the whole weekends (remember: before the wedding barbecue, grass court matches and more).

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