Rustic Wedding Venues in Florida

A rustic wedding venue in Florida

Wedding Barn venues in Florida. Rustic wedding locations in Florida. Pavilion of Hope at St. Francis in the Field Episcopal Church. Would you like a rustic wedding location that is not your typical barn or plantation?

The first all-inclusive wedding location in Florida for classic, rustic and elegant weddings.

Eight wedding venues in Florida you've never even seen before.

Florida is known for fine beachside marriages, but Sunshine State has a classical side of the land that should be made out! This eight haystack wedding venues are ideal for chicks who want their marriages to have a traditionally Mediterranean atmosphere. These venues can be the ideal starting point for a classical, rustic wedding, from private interiors to spacious open areas.

Situated in Fort Meyers, FL, this event location is a farming business that delivers the freshest products to the region. Buckingham Farms also offers wedding celebrations and reception with a mix of rustic and contemporary styles. Close to the rustic barn there is a newly constructed, traditionally furnished fireplace, which is now available!

Renting on site: Full range of products include linen, porcelain, glass and silver goods, marquees, theatre lights and various decorativeware. On site catering: At Buckingham Farms you have the opportunity to dine from your own farmstead to your own tables to provide you with a refreshing and tasty meal for your events. Full range of services: About $140 per individual for a full range of packages (this will include fees, location fees and tax based on the choice of facilities Buckingham Farms offers).

There is a non-refundable $1000 advance plus VAT to store the date and location. Buckingham Farms do not supply alcoholic beverages, but alcoholic beverages are permitted at the event location. A" Cash-Bar" is not permitted as the event location does not have an alcoholic licence. Please click here to learn more about this event location!

There are several possibilities for wedding celebrations at Up the Creek Farms. Scenery has eight mornings in the open air, which can be perfect for a wedding celebration. The" boathouse" has slide gates with interior glazed candlesticks. Undoubtedly, these two qualities come together to make a glamourous rural wedding.

Bridal packages: Multiple Up the Creek Farms wedding packs start at $7500 and includes park, use of the site, open-air ceremonial areas and the boathouse as a shelter. Renting on site: Up the Creek Farms packs contain all the essentials: desks, chairs and bed linen. On site catering: At Up the Creek Farms we work with local food service providers to provide a high level of cuisine.

Are you interested in Up the Creek Farms? Florida Barn Weddings is a place with an ambience of real rural refinement. Just 30 mins from Jacksonville, FL, this location has six wonderfully rustic rooms where festivities and receipts can take place. The maximum capacity of the barn venue: 200 persons for the ceremony, 150 persons for the reception.

Renting on site: We offer horse-drawn sleigh rides, welcome seats, dancing areas, soundsets, wearable pubs, cutlery and porcelain, as well as tables and awnings. On site catering: Florida Barn Weddings is in the midst of providing local hospitality with the help of trustworthy providers. Bridal packages:

Weekend VUE 12 Hours Package: $5000.00. Nonrefundable (00), location rentals (12:00-12:00), car park and electricity, use of a ceremonial site and fixed facilities, a welcoming site, use of rustic ceremonial seating, use of a blank marquee, use of desks (8-12 people per dinner plate = 208-312 people), barns, bride studios and bachelors' quarters and use of the Wedding Suite on the night of the wedding.

Thank God Florida beverages allows liquor on the premises. Do you like it here? A marvelous blend of South Florida tropic charms and classical Mediterranean elegance. Encircled by five hectares of charming tropic garden and waterfall, the barns are ideal for rustic wedding receptions. On site catering:

Old Grove has "Farm-to-fork" caterers on site. Old Grove has a picturesque, rotten stream and several water falls, audio-visual facilities, a photo shop and two built-in pubs (alcohol is allowed). It also has voice and video features, free car parks and accommodation in the vicinity (just 6 miles) to find out more.

Just 45 min from Tampa, FL, the Lange-Farm organises over 100 marriages a year. There are two wonderful receptions in this venue: the Antique Barn and the Garden House. With 80 hectares of fine meadows, oaks and pavilions, these welcome areas offer the bride the ideal basis for a wonderful rural wedding.

On site catering: Lange Farm has a shortlist of licensed food service providers from which the chicks can select but who do not offer on-site board. Bridal packages: While the price for a celebration is $500, the prices for this location range from $2000-$4000. Although there is a fixed price for the location, Lange Farm realizes that all chicks are different and need/want different things, so they try to get to know the chick and then make a decision about what to offer.

There is also a co-ordination activity that makes the bride's work a little more convenient. You ask the fiancée to do her make-up and fur in another place, but the place has room for the wedding company to get clothed. Lange-Farm also provides a licenced and registered spirits catering company for marriages where you wish to have a drink.

Lange Farm offers co-ordination service and a register of authorised suppliers. Click here to go to the Lange Farm! Shiloh Farm was a riding centre in the 1950s and 1960s, but now the owner likes to organise heirships. It has two interiors, the 200-year-old Shiloh Chapel and the Grand Ol' Barn.

" Shiloh Farm also has 65 hectares of property to explore and use as a ceremonial and fare. Renting on site: Grand Ol' Barn Rental contains the use of desks and seats, as well as all available decoration at no extra charge. On site catering: There is no on-site caterer, but a shortlist of providers offering high value service.

Bridal packages: Shiloh Shi-Bang" gives the groom the option between a band or an open-air wedding and the Grand Ol' Barn for the fare. Rosehouse and moose hut are contained in this kit for the trial meal and the date of the meeting. The location will include cuisine areas in all accommodation.

And Shiloh Farm also offers "Create Your Own" packs. In the course of the summers, Shiloh Farm refurbished the Grand Ol' Barn with a new floor of hard wood and ornament. The Rose House and Moose Hut are available for the wedding guests, according to the wedding pack chosen by the weddingeer.

Santa Fe River Ranch is the ideal place for a romantically rustic ambience. The location is only 25 minutes by car from Gainesville, FL. It has a lounge area, a walled fireplace area ( "patio", recently renovated). There are beautiful winding stairs leading to an attic.

It also has a dancing hall and wonderful outside vistas. On site catering: Santa Fe River Ranch does not provide food on site. Just 30 min from Lakeland, FL, Wishing Well Brah is a delightful place that provides an intimate and enchantment. Facilities range from a 50-year-old hay house to open-air facilities that encompass wonderful shore areas.

Featuring a bilberry plantation in the next square above, this event location swings along in the old cottageyle. On site catering: There is no food in the wishing well. Renting on site: Marriage packages: Wish's Come True Packages include: cleaning services, wedding crews, licenced bartenders, campfires and bride's barracks and the groom's saddle room. Included in Deluxe Wire's Come True Package: This pack contains everything from the Wish's Come True Pack, as well as tablecloth, sacking, running tablecloth and other decorative venues for photographers or gamekeepers.

Bartenders provided by CW Barn are necessary if there will be alcohol drinks during the meeting. Find out more about the Barn here! Whilst Florida marriages on the beaches are beautiful, these eight rustic wedding locations show that Florida has everything a classical land chick needs!

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