Rough Guide new York

New York Rough Guide

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New York City's rough guide by Martin Dunford

Quite practical guide, useful for the cards that take me (plus my wife and children of course) to the Dakota buildings and Moma and everywhere else. This is a good story of New York also on the back. Now I don't know why I chose the Rough Guide instead of Lonely Planet or any other, but that was a good guide.

Now I don't know why I chose the Rough Guide instead of Lonely Planet or any other, but that was a good guide. I wanted to be an eternal traveler and use this guide quite often when I came to New York, but I think I was just using it to find telephone numbers for museum and sights.

When I arrived in New York, I worked and hung out with the flatmates, and when I saw the town alone, I didn't need a schoolbook. This is something I took up at the last moment, I have been thinking about this enormous journey to the USA for years.

I wanted to find some of the best places in New York to see/eat/etc. This guide was not as useful as some of the other guidelines I have recently reviewed. Although I wrote down the listing of'18 Things Not to Miss in New York', it's great to be able to tell what to see and what to do not.

However, having seen this guide, I could see much more. NYC.... far more beautiful than those of you who could never have imagined. Not the best [and not the worst], but its easy formulation makes it a very convenient reading for those who know the game.

I think you should be reading this one. I' ve been on a 6-year trip to New York with this volume and it was the most astonishing event of my time. The rough guides are the best way to find your way around an unknown place. There I was with my friend, who has been living there for 12 years, but a "tourist guide" was still indispensable!

It was a good idea for our first journey to New York - we looked at a great deal of Manhattan, along with a little Brooklyn and Queens. The Rough Guide is always inspiring and that is no exeption.

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