Rome to Capri Day Trip

Rom to Capri Day Trip

You take the bus to Naples, where you cross the deep blue sea by boat to reach the island of Capri. In Anacapri, a mountain village with a magnificent view, enjoy lunch and then explore the capital Capri on your own. On request you can also take a boat trip to the famous Blue Grotto of Capri. A daily tour from Rome across the Gulf of Naples to the island of Capri with a full island tour on a memorable day from your base in Rome. A day trip to the chic island of Capri from Rome, guided by an experienced local guide!

Day trip Capri from Rome 2018

Once picked up from your accommodation or rendezvous, your day trip from Rome to Capri begins with a 3-hour trip southbound to Naples, the regional capitol of Campania. On the way you can see the countryside of the Castelli Romani (Roman castles) and monuments such as the Abbey of Montecassino, a Benedictine abbey on a hill.

Arriving at the Naples harbour, take a ferry or disaster recovery vessel for a 45-minute cruise across the Tyrrhenian Sea to Capri, a stylish little Italian coastal town. You go to the Marina Grand, where you can visit the Blue Grotto, Capris most popular nature attraction, with a rowing canoe.

Returning to the Isle, you take the bus to the small hamlet of Anacapri to take in the view of the Gulf of Naples and have dinner at a traditional restaurant. We then descend the mound to Capri, the principal colony of the isle, where you can take a stroll on your own.

You can go to the shops or visit places of interest such as Piazza Umberto before taking the ferry back to Naples, where you get on the bus for the way back to Rome. When leaving Naples, you will see places of interest such as Castel Nuovo, Certona di San Martino and Palazzo Reale.

Then, on your way back to Rome, where your day trip ends near Termini station or in one of the following places: Through Veneto, Piazza Barberini, Piazza Venezia or Piazza Repubblica (lassen Sie es Ihren F├╝hrer wissen). Cancellation of the boat trip to Capri is possible in exceptional cases of very poor meteorological conditions; if this happens, you will be accompanied by your tour leader to explore Naples and the antique Pompeii World Heritage Site remains.

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