Rockland County Weather

Rockland County Weather

Weather in Rockland County, NY, local weather with current conditions, advanced forecasts, warnings, New York weather map and more. Zone-area forecast for Rockland County Overcast with a 20 per cent probability of chills. peaks in the mid-1970s. It'?s a storm shot.

Shower. A few storms can cause strong rainfalls. Moist with low values in the top 60'. Probability of it raining 80 per cent. Probably shiver with a probability of storms in the mornings, then a probability of shivers and storms in the afternoons.

A few storms in the mornings can cause downpours. Wet with heights in the lower 80'. Southwesterly wind 5 to 10 meters per hour, in the afternoons western. Probability of it raining 70 per cent. It' a little bit of a shower and thunderstorm in the evenings. Lowest values around 60. Probability of precipitation 20 per cent.

peaks in the top'70s. all-time low in the top 50'. peaks in the lower'80s. in the lower'60s. peaks in the lower'80s. lowest levels in the mid-1960s. peaks in the mid-1980s. all-time low in the upper'60s. peaks in the upper'80s. Warmth index readings in the top'90s in the afternoons.

County Rockland, NY 10 day weather forecast

Forecast for Rockland County, NY Today: after 10am. southeasterly 3 to 8 millin. Shower and storms likely, then rain and possibly a storm after middle of the night. southeasterly winds 6 to 8 km/h. The new precipitation is between one 10th and one fourth of an inches, except during storms higher quantities are possible.

Wednesday: see Wednesday night: Northwesterly by 8cmph. Northwesterly by 8cmph. On Thursday night: Friday: On Friday night: Saturday: on a Saturday night: On Sunday night:

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