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New Rockland lease register

Rockland County has revealed a new instrument to take action against illicit and inferior homes in the county. The County Executive Ed Day, which stands in front of a well-kept and state-of-the-art multi-family house, announces the establishment of a tenancy register to make sure that the rented apartments comply with the regulations. It is the latest in a string of district officials' attempts to contain illicit dwellings and congestion.

There will also be an update of the county's residential inventory. Registration bodies demand all lessors with three or more entities to be registered with the Ministry of Regional Health and obtain a certification. "There is a persistent issue for some lessors who use a narrow property rental business and protect needy renters to recover rent for inferior housing," Day said.

"Here, the aim is not to impose a fine but to achieve adherence and ensure secure, wholesome living," added the district management. The day was accompanied by village mayor Michael Kohut, district superintendent Patricia Schnabel Ruppert and Catherine Southren, assistant superintendent of public relations and co-ordinator of the Rockland Codes Initiative. Kohlut stated that the firm also protected lessors who could demonstrate that an accommodation was in good shape and in accordance with the regulations at the beginning of a lease.

Plassart Patty, who own Northern Rock Villas LLC along with her spouse, said she was in favour of the new registration. Plassart - the owner of the eight-part rented building on Clove Avenue, where civil servants were speaking on Wednesday - called into question whether the firm would capture ruthless owners and lessees, and whether the firm went far enough.

The landlord must charge a one-time $25 per item registry charge and must supply information about the real estate, which includes the owner's name and management of the house, the number of properties, and evidence of use. While there is no particular timeframe for registering a landlord, Day said this could vary according to how conforming owners should do so.

If a lessor does not sign up, the county may close the property until the regulations have been complied with. It is the last part of the efforts of the Rockland Codes to combat illicit house construction that began in 2015. As a result of the campaign, extra home surveyors were recruited, stricter sanctions against lessors were imposed and an anonymised on-line registration system was created.

This county also embarrasses public slum lords with its Worst Landlord Watch List. County enforcement is governed by the County Hygiene Act, which allows supervisors to subpoena, force repair and fetch hosts who do not meet the requirements before the Rockland Board of Health. Municipalities and municipalities are in charge of the enforcement of fire and zone regulations.

Making sure apartments are in accordance with the district code also safeguards the fire department, which responds to emergency situations, Ruppert said. Punishments for showing the code can be expensive, with fine up to $2,000 per offence per diem. For years, the cracking down on illicit leases and the implementation of construction and security regulations has been a common problem throughout the country.

Last year, Clarkstown set up its own tenancy register, which demands that new one- and two-family house owner who do not intend to take possession of the flats seek permission to carry out an inspection. Four years ago, the village of Haverstraw established a complete rent register, which obliges all lessors - regardless of the number of rented accommodation items - to register.

Some communities have tackled house construction problems while others have not, although Day said that the tenancy register was not meant to address a particular community in Rockland. Failure to enforce state fire and construction regulations in Ramapo and Spring Valley resulted in the State Department using 2016 monitoring devices to monitor its construction authorities.

Below are the Rockland Codes Initiative numbers for 2016, which was the first full year in which the programme was in force:

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