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The Riverland Community College

The Riverland Community College is a public two-year college with three locations in southeastern Minnesota: The Riverland Community College Profile provides more information on admission, academics, tuition and finances, and campus life. The Riverland Community College is a school in Austin. Newest tweets from Riverland College (@RiverlandCC). Discover the ratings, rankings and statistics of the Riverland Community College.

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The Riverland Community College is a two-year, publicly funded college with three locations in southeast Minnesota: Albert-Lea, Austin and Owatonna. Riverland Community College, established in 1940, provides over 4,900 pupils a year with a wide range of education programmes and classes on conventional, hybrid and on-line provisioning schemes. There are a number of degree programmes offered, among them Bachelors degree through partners, Associate in Art (two-year transfers ), Associate in Art with Emphasis, Associate in Fine Art, Diploma and Certificate.

The Riverland Community College is one of 31 institutes in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (now Minnesota State) system, the biggest higher learning institution in Minnesota State, and has been recognized by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. In a memorandum to John Gedker, College Chairman, by Tim McManimon, Owatonna Community Leaders, on March 3, 1998: "Riverland Community College has been serving the Owatonna area for the past 13 years, mainly in the area of tailor-made economic and industrial schooling.

The Owatonna Community's mission is to establish a smooth connection between learning, work and community." The OCUC Celebration brochure" of February 17, 2009: "In April 2008, Governor Tim Pawlenty passed a bill allowing the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System to purchase the Owatonna College & University Center.

of Minnesota State University, Mankato, Riverland Community College and South Central College."

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Are you looking for a healthcare programme on our Owatonna Campus? Assistants are associated doctors who support doctors in outpatient treatment and carry out a wide range of medical, technical and administration work. The one-year, three-semester degree course is intended to help you get a job as a medical assistant.

At the end of the first term, the student also receives a phlebotomy certificate. This programme is available on our Austin and Owatonna Campus!

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