River Valley Mall

The River Valley Mall

Who we are And if you get peckish during your stay, you can have steaks at Charley's Philly Steaks, Asian Max, Keaton's Wings or Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Take the children along, let them take a children's trip, playground and our children's activities! There is an ATM at the western end of the Food Court for simple and convenient withdrawals.

Wrapping units are available in all public toilets throughout the area. Stop for a while and let your little ones have a little bit of pleasure in our children's playground. Near Old Navy, and open to all kids who have booked the amount limitations. For emergencies, please call 911 or find the nearest security personnel.

The AED equipment is in the security bureau. Stop off from your day's grocery store and take a bite to eat or a quick bite in our food court. We have access to our real estate for our guests who need extra help. Accessable entrance areas and disabled car parks are at all main entrance areas. There are toilets in all toilets open to the general public. toilets.

Allow your little ones to take a trip on our mini-ride roundabout near the children's playground and at the B-Main entrance at Ulta Beauty. Every morning, one and a half minutes before the normal opening times, our shopping centre organises a self-managed Mall Walkers programme. Check out the latest performances in Cinemark, which is outside the shopping centre near Dick's Sporting Goods, or visit the main entrance.

In order to make your shopping centre as good as possible, our shopping centre is a non-smoking area. Prams are free near the shopping centre and the offer is restricted. Have a funny and one-of-a-kind shopping center trip by rail. You can buy your ticket and start enjoying the trips near Old Navy.

The opening times may differ from the opening times of the shopping centre. Get a fast beverage from one of the Pepsi dispensers throughout the area. For wheelchairs during your stay, please contact the Mall Business Office or call our safety office at (740) 407-4917.

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