River Valley Homes for Sale

Rivier Valley Houses for Sale

Complete list of River Valley properties for rent and sale. Locate rooms, houses, condos, apartments and HDBs for sale and rent. Houses for sale in River Valley School District. Look at real estate offers for River Valley School District for sale. Discover Red River Valley, ND properties and houses for sale, along with information about the area and an interactive map of local attractions.

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The 1800's farm house on a twin plot of land provides abundant lounge with large open plan fully equipped fully equipped kitchen with larder, lounge, formal dinning room, lounge, cave, bathroom with walk-in wardrobe and large lobby on the first level, three bedrooms and a bathroom on the second one.

View MLS Property & Listing Details & 16 pictures. This two-storey house has been renovated and converted into a spacious house with three double rooms, a cave, a utility room, a dinning room, two bath rooms, a fully fitted bathroom, a fully fitted bathroom, a fully fitted bathroom, a mud room and a closed veranda overlooking a familypark.

View MLS Property & Listing Details & 19 pictures. Located on 2 hectares and has a nice lake. first storey is open with lounge, eating area and open plan bathroom and half a bathroom. second storey has two double rooms and workroom.

View MLS Property & Listing Details & 12 pictures. there' s been a great beginning on the renewal of this beautiful rural Vectorian. all the cabling is new, the upper floor is almost entirely repainted and the basement is ready for colour, lots have been done of heavy work! high ceilings ad harwood grounds throughout and it's going away to the town, colleges and a great swimming-pool. and at a very reasonable cost!

View MLS Property & Listing Details & 26 pictures. a partially freezing occured this winters result of the closure of utility companies. it was reviewed by a licenced tinsmith and valued at about $5,000 to bring back in order. wooden flooring, an upgraded galley, gadgets and 3 roofed verandas are quality things deserving of a home trip. a great starters home or in-vestment!

View MLS Proprietary & Listing Details & 16 pictures. finish of road position! this well preserved cottage is as nice on the inside as it is on the outside. house is small in total quadratic length but great on properties. the large lounge doubled as a dining area with the help of a lovely stable type slide hatch, main bed room has a walk-in cupboard, kitchen is snug with counter top dining room, and yes you might as well have a bargain. the property will also have parasitic sun lo ungers to help with central heating cost!

outside area just add to the live room with an open back platform the length of the home to monitor the wilderness. red deer mammals and a variety of bird species are abundantly available here. the sheltered front veranda gives discharge from the sun while you are spending your quality lazy days in the yard. there is a penned hound run off the back platform, a few out building for storing. whether you just want to start looking down or just dont let a large carbohydrate foot print, this home is just perfect. get.

View MLS Property & Listing Details & 23 pictures.

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