Rio Salado Community College

The Rio Salado Community College

Have classes at Rio Salado Community College in Phoenix, Ariz. The Rio Salado College is a community college based in Tempe, Arizona. Río Salado College, Tempe, Arizona. This is the official report of Rio Salado College, one of ten Maricopa Community Colleges.

The Rio Salado College

Rio Salado College is there for you for the kind of schooling you need. Regardless of whether you want to switch to a four-year programme, receive staff instruction or work on your GED, Rio Salado offers courses and programmes to suit your needs. We are happy to help you with advice, enrolment, tuition, orientation courses for new students, English as a foreign language, funding, work experience programmes, and more.

As an acknowledged market leadership in on-line literacy, RSC makes literacy available, accessible, affordable und adaptable, with instruction beginning almost every Monday. Staff at Rio Salado College are volunteers in the community with young people and people with special needs and provide free and reduced-price dentistry benefits. On-line RSC pupils can opt for an expedited eight-week course and open on Mondays throughout the year.

Río Salado College is one of the biggest open community college sites in the country, providing more than 55,000 college graduates a year with nearly 27,000 on-line in all 50 states and international. More than 600 courses and more than 100 diploma and certification programmes with more than 45 starting days on Mondays, so that the student can write their thesis at the required date.

" When I was at the Rio Salado, my lives turned for the better. "No matter what phase of your career you are in, Rio Salado College has a programme for you. One of Arizona's biggest suppliers of primary training for adults, we look after detained re-entrants, serving the armed forces and vets and their family.

There are also facilities for high schools, additional class attendees, foreigners, transferees and life-long learner. I like to have the liberty to take lessons on-line and to monitor my own study and study plan. "RSC provides cutting-edge programmes and value-added value-added support to our missions, visions and activities, which include the provision of Sun Sounds of Arizona, a wireless literacy and information resource for those who cannot view printed material due to a handicap.

It also operates two SPOT 127 adolescent centres to help young people in the Valley improve their abilities in the field of cutting-edge technology in the field of electronic and journalistic communication and link them to higher learning. The number of on-line courses available to all 50 countries and abroad. Staff at Rio Salado College are active contributors to the Arizona Heart Walk, Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley, Be A Leader Foundation, Valley of the Sun United Way and many other charitable activities.

In addition, the Rio Salado and Salado offer a free paediatric hospital every year and reduced priced hygienic dentistry all year round. Established in 1978, Rio Salado College prides itself on its nationwide recognition as a leading company in higher educational excellence and works in close collaboration with regional, domestic and multinational organizations to re-invent the educational world.

The Center for Digital Education and Converge awarded RSC the Top 10 Digital Savvy College in the USA. The RSC provides programmes and support around the valley in strategically placed places conceived as a centre of excellence for adults - armed forces, vets and their family - and valley youths.

The RSC was recently recognised with a $2. 7 million first in world accreditation from the U.S. Department of Education and called a bright spot in education for college adults who achieve a college education routine. Over 40 partner universities across the nation are accepting transfers credit for certain programmes, which means extra costs saving for them.

Senior pupils can also receive college credit from RSC, with options such as double matriculation and simultaneous enrolment. No matter whether you are studying, moving to a college, getting a certification, improving your professional development or attending courses for your own development, we can help you get on! To find out more about our locations, on-line facilities, courses and more, please go to the Rio Salado College website.

Rio Salado students' representative is there for you.

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