Rhinebeck new York Activities

Rinebeck New York Activities

Learn more about fun things to do with kids in Rheinebeck, NY. Fewer than a two-hour train ride north of Manhattan, Rhinebeck is a quirky piece of New York history with all the characteristics of a picturesque back town. We have put together some of our most popular Rheinebeck attractions that were selected after a recent visit. Rinebeck New York as the cultural centre of Dutchess County. Rheinebeck has developed into a village with many different activities for locals and visitors.

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Go on a trip by sea to the Tivoli bays and enjoy the sundown. Hire a MTB from the Rhinebeck Bicycle Shop (10 Garden Street; 845-876-4025; $25/day) and drive eight miles northerly along the forested River Road, which crosses the rear end of some of the region's major river assets. Take the path to Bard College's green Bard College grounds and take a break to visit the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, a sculpture of hilly silvery porches created by Frank Gehry.

Drive two miles southwards of the Fisher Center to the Montgomery Place Orchards Farm Stand (Routes 199 and 9G; 845-758-6338), a food fair offering season products, cheeses, beef meat and mutton from locals. Join the east tower trail in Ferncliff Forest (845-876-3196), a nature reserve two nautical miles outside the Rheinebeck village with eleven signposted paths.

Drive to the picturesque lookout with breathtaking vistas of the Hudson Valley and Catskills. Kayaking through the high reed and violet looses of Tivoli Bay, an outlet inhabited by snatching tortoises, ospreys and muskrats known as Hudson Valley kayaking tours (845-518-1455). Take the Sunday Cruise (17h to 19h) to see the river scenery at twilight.

Holiday Attractions & Activities in Rhinebeck New York

There' always something to do in the New York upstate area, from rides to stunning dining, favorite places and more. In no way should the latest link give a complete list of what Rheinebeck and the neighbouring areas have to say. This link is only a selection of the common ressources provided to companies and inhabitants equally.

For more information about the region, please visit the following sites.

Rhinebeck, NY; Historic Hudson Valley Home Of Rhinebeck Restaurant

Rheinbeck has long been an important Hudson Valley town in the Dutchess county. Henry Beekman (Beekman Arms) was founded in 1686 and received a patent on the present-day country known today as Rhinebeck. Henri saw Rheinebeck as a site that positioned itself ideally along the Hudson River to become an important trading point.

In 1703, the New York Colonial Council authorized the financing of the construction of the King's Highway, now known as Rt 9. Situated at the junction of the King's Road and what was known as the Sepasco Indian Trail, now known as Market Street, a master craftsman William Traphagen constructed the oldest continuously operating taverna in the United States, The Beekman Arms.

General George Washington was one of the most remarkable early Rheinebeck residents to spend the night at today's Beekman Arms. Rheinebeck has developed into a small town with many different activities for local people and tourists. Rheinbeck is home to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds and is home to the biggest County Fair in the state of New York.

In the course of the year many different kinds of culture take place on the exhibition ground, e.g. the Rheinbecker Handwerksausstellung, which is known as one of the best trade fairs in the state. Every year, this gorgeous Hudson Valley town also organizes a lamb and woollen party, equestrian shows, vintage shows and a host of musicals.

The Old Rhinebeck airfield has one of the largest collection of ancient aeroplanes in the canopy. From June to mid-October the airport provides exciting shows and trips with authentic double-deckers. The Hudson Valley in New York, just a few moments from Rhinecliff Amtrak Station, Rhinebeck provides New Yorkers and international travellers with a sense of freshness.

Rheinebeck has lots of wonderful shopping malls, galeries, wineries and many great dining establishments to offer and will keep you on your toes with a week-end excursion. There are also one of New York's big fine filmmakers, Upstate Films and the amazing Rhinebeck Center for the Performing Arts featuring locally produced films as well as many other venues in a lovely old shed.

Established by chef Gianni Scappin - the creators of Gigi's in Rhinebeck and Cucina in Woodstock NY - Market Street is directly opposite the world-famous Beekman Arms. A simple walk from anywhere in Rheinebeck, this simple market place named Markt St., will bring the classical atmosphere of the old hamlet to your home, where you will be enveloped in nature's timber, lovely tunes and an always roasted wood-fired pizza stove from the renowned baker Nobile Attie.

Superb chefs, a cosy environment and great beverages make Market St. the ideal addition to any Rhinebeck New York dining adventure.

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