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Primrose Hill Bed & Breakfast. Postcode search for hotels near Rhinebeck New York. from the Taconic Parkway in Rhinebeck! See more hotels in Rheinbeck.

Tivoli & the Corner.

PRIMRIZE B & B - Review by Primrose Hill Bed & Breakfast, Rhinebeck, NY

The situation, car park, rooms, conveniences and breakfasts were all astonishing. It didn't seem like living in a regular B&B, I felt like living with a big house (but in a good way). These things (including the tasty breakfast) exceeded all our expectation. Serious disadvantage and dealer for me was the set.

In many cases I prefer to stay in hotels and guesthouses because the softness of the mattress is better than at home. Upstairs in the room the window was very high, the shutters were not enough and the drapes did not keep the lights completely away.

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