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Whilst we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Rhinebeck is the epicenter of the culinary scene and would embarrass us. No pet-friendly bed & breakfast in Rhinebeck, NY, but we found a few nearby.

Wellcome to The Gables of Rhinebeck.

Wellcome to The Gables of Rhinebeck. The historical inn is a fifteen-storey 1860 Viktorian inn with four suite apartments in the centre of the village of Rhinebeck. We' re only a stone's throw from most village eateries and inns. The Gables rooms feature high ceiling, historical slats and broad floorboards.

Are you interested in open spaces directly in the city centre? There is a courtyard with a fence, perennials and decorative garden with shady wood. You can also sit in our coachman' s cottage in spring, summer and autumn (depending on the available car parks - rarely, but sometimes we need the space).

The Rockhouse Suites is a double room in the private area of the building with communal bathroom and footbed. Whilst we believe that breakfast is the most important food of the evening, Rhinebeck is the epicentre of the gastronomic world and would embarrass us. High-speed Wifi is available in all rooms and dormitories.

Suggestions for must-eat places, city information, our favourite places in the countryside, etc. In one of our three communal rooms in the hotel, you can work, relax or have a drinks and exchange tales about your journeys. There is also a coach home, a great place to rest during the summers.

Watch the breakfast messages and most cabling in your room or your bedroom suites. The Gables is located one way from all Rheinbeck dining in the epicentre of the Hudson Valley. Please take advantage of our 1/2 acre area! The carriage house! The common room is available in winter, autumn and south.

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When you are like me, you always hope to find this particular little jewel of a place that is real and sincere in its charms and ambiance. I found it and it gives me great joy to be able to share it with my lovely visitors in this particular house (which by the way lived in the same house for 239 years 1738-1977).

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