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In Poughkeepsie's New Lolita's, Neapolitan pizza is brought to Hudson Valley. Locate Poughkeepsie Restaurants in the Westchester area and other neighborhoods such as Yonkers, Newburgh, Middletown (New York) and more. Do you need help deciding where to eat? In Poughkeepsie, New York, Amici's Restaurant offers spectacular Italian-American cuisine. We serve American bistro rates and support local farms whenever possible.

Best Restuarant in Dutchess County - Crew Check, Poughkeepsie, NY

Me and my missus used to share a lot of food at the CREW. We' ve also brought families, boyfriends and co-workers to CREW. Wines, services, presentation and value are far above everything I have seen at Dutchess Co. in the last 20 years. I' m very recommending this place. Our personnel is also very kind and welcoming.

We' ve had several meals in the crew during the last few month and always agreed that there is astonishing music! It can be a bit loud and the "strip mall" position is the only light negative. The Poughkeepsie is gifted with a number of very good restaurants. Crew is the best for us (including the cities around us).

We found crew in a shopping center through a telephone application, so we weren't sure. We have returned severalfold since then. Our personnel - especially the waitresses and the bars. Iove all about this place, and we'll be eating there on every journey to Poughkeepsie.

We had our first meal in the crew last evening, which was very recommend. Once inside, the facilities and personnel are welcome and there are interesting and imaginative menus for everyone from dedicated predators to seafood and noodles.

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The Ice House on the Hudson, situated in Poughkeepsie, NY, is a relaxed pub and restaurant serving tasty meals with a focus on shellfish. Select from various meal choices such as appetizers, lettuce, flatbread, pastas, steaks, chicken, shellfish, and more. Begin with a cool ale and an order of rosemary calamari, accompanied by chiotle alioli and marineara.

Next you eat on the seafood mac and cheese with savatelli noodles, lobsters, prawns, mussels, prawns, cheddar cheese and smoke filled cucumbers. You can also try the Bridge Music Burger with lard, cheese, salad, tomatoes, onions and garlic-herbal-alioli, accompanied by chips. The Ice House on the Hudson is open from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 to 22 and Sunday from 11:00 to 21:00.

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