Restaurants along the Hudson River Ny

Dining along Hudson River Ny

The fresh food from the region makes eating in the river towns a special experience. A perfect summer evening outdoors with a view of the Hudson! Nice location on the Hudson River! The Hudson River on Newburgh Waterfront, our goal is to provide a mouthful of smiles with decadent flavors and amazing service. "Situated in the most beautiful spot on the Hudson River, the Boathouse Restaurant is picturesque, casual and inviting.

The Lakeview Inn on Crystal Lake

You think the food by the water's for seaside town only? There are a number of restaurants right on the Hudson River, Mohawk River and even a wonderful lakeside that you may not have known about. At the bottom we have emphasized eight restaurants on the waterside in the capital region: Averill Park and you can admire the view from the Lakeview viewpoint.

It is located in a historical 18th century edifice. It is the perfect place for a meal with a hostess or a cozy luncheon with a mate. There is a great diversity in the menus, with flavours to cater for almost every taste - pizzas, ribs, shellfish, sandwhiches, soups and more.

At The Rusty Anchor Bar & Grill in Watervliet, you'll be on board a 200-foot ship in the Hudson River - taking waterfront food to the next plane! Rusty Anchor offers a seasonal selection of summer dishes with hamburgers, chocolate pancakes, wrap and a range of seafood: a sea salt water soup, freshly caught sandwiched sea food, freshly caught crisps and crisps, lobsters and a role of crayfish.

Brown's Brewing Company is a Troy hot spot for tasty, independent beer brews, amazing dining and breathtaking view of the Hudson River. Brown's Kenning has been located in a former River Street storehouse since 1993 and comprises a beer room, a pub and a hot spot for hot fish entertainment in hot summers.

Indeed, Brown's Kenning offers you two ways to dine on the water - at its Troja site and in its second tavern in North Hoosick. You can find Ryan's Wake on River Street in Troy, near Brown's Kennedy. The Rodeo Burger, with barbeque gravy, lard, cheddar and crunchy roasted onion, or the Chihuahua Hot Dog, with naughty cheeses and jalapeƱos.

The name says it all: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que serving a tasty barbeque! Perhaps best known for their slowly smoking pig chops, although they have an elaborate cuisine. Featuring astonishing types of traditional barbecues such as barbecued meat and breast, as well as a "pick your own combo" feature where you can choose a mix of pig meat, breast, chickens, feathers, prawns and/or sausages.

Bar-B-Que is a dinosaur on the Hudson River, right on the Green Island Bridge in Troy. Like Brown's Kenning, they are also one of the best restaurants in the area, not only for eating by the water, but also for playing in theater. They are known for having some of the best shellfish in the capital region, especially the squid.

They are also praised for their astonishing grill-rib. Remember fried pizzas, grilled pig sandwhiches, and make your own burgers, and those aren't even the starters! Proud of their outstanding services, they have one of the best restaurants on the water. It also offers a simple meal, a gluten-free meal and a range of delicious meals with vegetarian cheeses, making it a truly tasty and varied place that will delight every taste buds.

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