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Congers Ny Restaurant

Please call for more information about the restaurant: ""As always, the food and service is excellent. And, yes, you have to leave NYC for such a ridiculous deal. Receive directions, reviews and information about Restaurant X & Bully Boy Bar in Congers, NY. Join us at Restaurant X on New Year's Eve!

Sunday Champagne Brunch at Restaurant X and Bully Boy Bar in Congers, NY - Hudson Valley Magazine - March 2012

You' ll be in a good atmosphere when you reach Restaurant X and the Bully Boy Bars for lunch and explore the park service. After handing over your vehicle, you go quietly to the lovely, country restaurant and sit down at a beautifully furnished dinner table, perhaps by the chimney or with a view of the lake. "In Milan, I went to a small restaurant that didn't have a mealplan.

That'?s what we do in Restaurant X. They just sat there and our brush******* "This is the time - you come to brick-bar, chill out with your boyfriends, drink champagne. There' s no decision to make with the menus. The Sundaybrunch which is, of course, individual seats, takes place from 1 pm until the half-day break and is reserved well in advance. 2.00 pm.

X & Bully Boy Bar Restaurant - Congers, NY

I didn't know it was restaurant week. As always, the meal was first-rate. Dinner was fantastic and the services were great. An impeccable event and a tasty, well thought-out meal for the restaurant week. Nice place, great cuisine and very accessible wines cuisine. Same as always, exzellentes meal, exzellenter services, exzellentes ambience.

Dishes are of consistent high qualitiy and are offered at appropriate temperature. The place itself is hot and inviting, as are its people. Of course, the meal is always a pleasure: well thought-out dishes, cooked in a very particular way and presented well.

Like the " Titel " says - Restaurant X never lets you down. This is the place I like, the meals here are always tasty! It is a rather pricey restaurant, but for the qualitiy and the services it is really good value for money. We only go to the restaurant on specific occasions or during the restaurant weekend, which is a must! or to your great dinner which is a lot of great music!

It' a great restaurant if you want to indulge in something more. Like always the meals, the services and the wines were fabulous....are looking forward to doing it again soon..... This facility was a big success during the restaurant and was able to find a prawn and scallops that was perfectly. Fast services both at check-in and during meals.

The meals are exquisite, perfectly cooked and attractively on the plate. Dinner was fantastic. Definitely would come back for the tasty cuisine. It was the restaurant week that made the concept more interesting - where can I get a 3-course menu for $29.95? It was a delightful restaurant and the starter and entree were great, but it went down the hill from it all.

I' ve ordered the crème brulee several time at X2O & it was always excellent, but here was neither the crème brulee nor the display of it anywhere as good as at X2O. The meal was fantastic, the personnel was competent and alert and the ambience was soothing. The meal was tasty from beginning to end.

This was the fourth meal we had here, which was our third one at the cocktail lounge. Astonishing cuisine, first-class raw materials, all perfectly made. Tasty trumpet combined with great wine, exquisite speciality drinks, awesome special dinners and desserts. Soup to nuts from A to C - Bully Boy - Restaurant X is one of our favourites. It' s one of our favourites. Soup to nuts.

I' d strongly suggest this restaurant. That dinner was all the money we ever put out. The selection of wines is diverse and exquisite. Superb meal. Presentations and services were impeccable. It' a great deal of work. We had a very alert and experienced team. And he could choose a beautiful bottle of fine wines to accompany my beautiful meal.

Both the furnishings and the feeling of the restaurant are enchanting and beautiful. Dinner and services were good. Not much, but better than expected. It was a different scenery from a regular restaurant, but for me it was a unique place. The meal was a disappointment. A meal came out of the freezer and the meal seemed better than it was compared to the waiter, who could best be described as weird. The waiter was kind enough, but a little disorientated, while the busboy was in a different city.

Dining is sensational and the personnel is very kind. It was a little sluggish to find the services. Me and my missus had lunch here last weekend. The meal was good, but the place where we were sitting was black and although we wanted another votiv candles, it was not enough.

Romantisches ambience, great meal, great services. It' a great restaurant to party for a great time. Dinner was great, good Cocktail and very careful serving. They' have brought all our meals and beverages into a beautiful romance and made sure that we have not fallen into oblivion!

I have been going to Xavier for over 20 years and they never fail. ý Eating is cool and high class; combination is innovation and good choice. I' m willing to miss it this evening, but prospective guests should be warned. Took the old Bully Boy 20-30 years ago and all the other Xavier places in the area, so he was looking forward to trying out the X & Bully Boy Bar.

The escort and services were excellent and the meals were excellent. and the waiters were excellent. That'?s very thoughtful, kind, but unseen if necessary. I' m always looking forward to going back to Restaurant X to enjoy a really good dinner. Like always, the meals and services were excellent and it was all I was expecting.

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