Restaurant Week Westchester County Ny

Westchester County Ny Restaurant Week

These include neighbouring cities in Rockland, Hudson, Essex and Passaic County. Overlooking the Hudson River in Westchester, NYC French Restaurant Week Hastings On Hudson. They can follow my restaurant week trips in the NY Foodie Family. Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Favourite restaurant in Dobbs Ferry NY.

Hudzon Valley Restaurant Week starts in Westchester

Western Territy, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino Tuesday signed up Janet Crawshaw, editor of The Valley Table with Benjamin Prelvukaj and Benjamin Sinanaj, owner of Benjamin Steakhouse, to open Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW) for spring 2017. Astorino started by plating the "Astorino Sirloin" in the Benjamin Steakhouse in White Plains.

The HVRW, which began on Monday 6 March and will run until Sunday 19 March, will offer guests the chance to taste tasty food throughout the country. The HVRW is celebrating top class cuisine and offers guests the possibility to taste extraordinary food at an attractive bar. For a full listing of participant restuarants, please visit

The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2018

The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week takes place from 12 to 25 March. This two-week meal party is an occasion for cooks to present their best food, for guests to see new places to eat and old favourites to see. More than 200 participant restaurateurs are offering 3-course lunches and dinners at a small part of the regular diet.

There is no ID, ticket or coupon necessary, but reservation is strongly advised.

Six places to try this Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Hudson Valley Magazine - March 2018

The popular dinner will be held from 12 to 25 March this year. And because the wheather changes every week, we all earn a food outside of our regular routines - especially after the last outbreak. The Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is from 12th to 25th March, with a strong offer of kitchens and ambiences - see the full listing here.

Featuring a full Hudson Valley and Westchester range of choices, here are six great ways to fix your restaurant week. Located on Cold Spring's ever-beautiful main street, Cathryn's genuine local food is served in a cosy restaurant accessed from the flowering outdoors. Menus follow the cuisines of North Italy, so try what other ltalian places can't do - like the barbecued blackberry chicken or the drawn bunny with crisp papardelle noodles.

Sitting at the lounge-styled restaurant and enjoying a Mediterranean - and Asian-inspired dinner for a relaxing outing. Bonus: The Eagle Lounge is the longest pub in Westchester. If you want an unstable view, book before sundown in the Valley - or directly at sundown for a good snap.

Looking out over the Hudson, the Valley offers a stunning array of Regional & NYS Craft beer-freshments. The restaurant's restaurant serves a variety of dishes with soothing classic dishes. The tea room works hard to support the farmers and tries to include many precious stones from the Hudson Valley in their cuisine. Taste the Hudson Valley Paté: Plain poultry livers, Hudson baby toasts, baby bourbons and toasts, pickle and mayard.

To make a dessert: custard, tinned apricots, creamed mead butters, truffles and almonds. Located in picturesque Buttermilk Falls Inn, Henry's on the ranch draws many of his produce from his own ranch, which is labeled on the menue with a llama symbol, for added enchant.

Take a pre-dinner walk through their fairytale garden with a magnificent view of the Hudson River. Cosy to the welcoming Aroma Osteria restaurant, where a large choice of delicious Italien wine is served. At the Week Menu restaurant, try the rustic appetizers with sautéed sausages, Broccolirabe and sun-dried tomato; and for desserts you may just need to order all three options: plain hot and cold Belgian biscuits with a spoonful of custard ice cream, home-made home-made flavoured fruits pasta terrine or a triple of custard, espresso cheese, espresso cheese and gingerbread ice cream.

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