Resorts near Newburgh Ny

Holiday resorts near Newburgh Ny

Indulge yourself with a spa hotel and resort in Newburgh on your next vacation! Newburgh NY New York, Hyatt Hotels And Resorts. Get exclusive discounts, offers and reviews for Hyatt Hotels And Resorts in Newburgh. When you are a dog or cat, Newburgh's Pet-n-Play Pet Resort is your Club Med. Pictures, videos and virtual tours of Hudson Valley Resort & Spa.

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Accommodation - Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort

We can find the ideal place for small, large or even several family dogs from our cosy cave like comfort to our roomy suite with pan-tv TV. We are sure that your puppy will be sleeping like a child at the end of the night after the last sleeping kisses - and you will also be free of blame if you know that your pets are having the holiday of a life!

This one-on-one session is ideal for all your animals and is designed to suit the animal's height, power and playing styles. Ultra-qualified personnel at the PALUXURY PELRY PRESORT understand that some of our clients have specific health needs that need particular consideration. We are a veterinary-medically managed and monitored animal sanctuary ready to treat domestic animals with chronical diseases such as Epilepsie, Diabetic and Arthritic diseases.

A chauffeur will accompany your pets between our resorts and your home, the railway stations, your hotel & resorts, the New York City International Centre, the New York International Airports and more. Give us a call today at 845-632-0306 to find out why we are so much more than your usual kennel and cattery!

Prizewinning Pet Resort, Nursery, Care & Education

We' re not a traditional guesthouse for dogs - we are a full-service animal sanctuary in Newburgh, NY. Your animals are treated like our own! We specialise in Fetch, Tug-of-War and Belly Rubs and make sure your animals get a lot of loving, playing time and care, just like at home.

We know that movement, socialisation and a lot of personal interaction make the luckiest and healthy breeds of them. We aim to imitate the experience of your pet at home with you and then bring many extra delicacies and enjoyment to make your pet's holiday a real one! We' d like your animals to have as much pleasure as you do while you're away..... if not more!

Our employees distinguish us from our competition - we love them! All our employees show this key value in every respect. For optimal security and grooming of your domestic animal. We have veterinarians and our employees are trained and trained by the dogs' gurus in animal health vocabulary and communications.

Personnel are kind and the facilities are tidy. It' obvious that the employees like what they do. Whether he's at the dog nursery or when he' s on his board. Leaving your pets at Pets N Plays allows you to unwind and spend your holiday in the knowledge that your pets are in the best of hands.

As I tell my bitch Lily that she is going to Doggy Dayscare, she is sitting at my front porch waiting for me to go. It is the best day care centre for dogs I have ever seen or known. A high degree of control and organised playtime is guaranteed by a remarkable number of employees.

Thanks for taking great pride in our puppies again! Thanks for the outstanding support from Sunny.

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