Reno Tourist Attractions

Touristic attractions of Reno

Best-things-to-do in Reno. The Great Reno Balloon Race Free. Well-known for its casinos and excellent ski resorts. Locate the best Reno attractions and activities in Reno, NV. The tourist attractions of Reno offer a wide range of fun with unique restaurants and first class casinos.

There are 9 tourist attractions in Reno, Nevada.

Named "the greatest little town in the world", Reno is often referred to as a smaller one. Reno is the state's second most populous town in the northwest of Nevada, near the California state border. With more than five million people visiting each year, Reno provides a broad spectrum of leisure and education, many of which are family-friendly.

A few of them are ballooning events, bowl competitions, auto shows and appearances in the big resort. You can also take Reno to Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake in the north-east of the town. Automobile fans will definitely want to come to the National Automobile Museum.

It is one of the main attractions of Reno, from classic car to contemporary vehicle. There are four different art galleries: There are historic presentations on car design and a "Passports to Adventure" programme to help kids get to know the story of automobiles in the United States.

A little outside of Reno, is a great place for family and pet-loving people. There is a wide variety of animals, from turtles and cheetah to bear and wolf. Every year, the organisation accommodates ten thousand visitors who want to learn about issues related to the saved fauna and the environmental principles of their area.

It' a small place, but each one has its own history. The Nevada Musuem of Arts is one of the best arts galleries in the state and houses its own distinctive holdings as well as numerous travelling exhibits both nationally and internationally. You can also rent the building for your event. Photographies of a changing environment, a photo library that deals with man's interactions and the interdependency with nature.

It is a good enrichment of the city's culture and a great getaway from the resorts amusement. Wilbur D. Days Musuem, the Arboretum and the Botanical Garden show many plants, picknickwiesen, secluded bays and are a nice place for a walk along the stream. It is a great place to enjoy a great time in this amazing lively and versatile building.

It displays unusual and unusual specimens from all over the globe and often houses travelling exhibitions. Pioneer Centre in Reno is the leading centre for the visual art in this town. Situated in a beautiful landscaped edifice, the complex is home to a multitude of performers from the operatic to the dance and concert scene.

Pioneer Center publishes all forthcoming shows on its website. National Championship Air Racing, also known as the Reno Air Racing, is a 50-year September traditions that starts from Reno-Stead Airport just a few kilometres upstate. There are astonishing multi-aircraft racing over three to eight nautical leagues.

Race airplanes reach from airplanes of the Second World War to all in-between. Nevada Historical Society Museum in Reno is one of Nevada's oldest museum. Among the exhibitions are "Living on the Land", "Neon Nights" and "Riches of the Earth", which trace the settlement of the area of Reno in the last 10,000 years from the early paleo to the Paiute, the arrival of the Euro-Americans and what has happened to this date.

It also houses an imposing research collection. The illumination of the Virginia Street nightsky and Virginia Street shopping street and commerical rows in the nightlife area is the Reno Archit. Since its foundation in 1926, this symbol has been moving around the town. This bow was initially constructed in honour of the Nevada Transcontinental Highway Exposition.

Following the exhibition, the local authorities organized a competition for a municipal motto, and the sentence "The world's largest small city" was mint. Reno Municipality in November 2009 replaces the 2,076 filament lamps in the Reno Arch with energy-efficient LEDs. It' difficult to defeat Lake Tahoe for an exit from the cities.

Situated high in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe is a haven for those who love to swim, sail, dive and fish. Recommended are these central Reno properties close to the city's main attractions: Reno Eldorado: 4-star motel, fluorescent lighting, several diners, five-star pools, five-star restaurant, and more. The Silver Legacy Resort: low prices, full range of services, summer pools, gym.

The Quinta Inn Reno: inexpensive hotels, neat rooms, outside swimming pools, breakfasts and more.

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