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Renaissance New York - 12 Ratings - Real Estate Services - 1093 Flushing Ave, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY - Telephone number

I' ve chosen to post this as constructive critique for those looking for a deal with Renegade. It was shown to me by an operative called Ben from Renegade (a firm whose name was mentioned much later in the paperwork). was the janitor here in house 3.)

Following the signature of the "lease" and the move-in, I worked to change the utility companies to my name, but was notified by the New York Municipality and the administration firm of the property that Renegade had neglected to deal with an effective legal type of rental agreement, and therefore I was not on a rental agreement with my funds only out there in the aether.

Luckily the administration firm was very accountable and highly supportive during this period, after almost a month and a half of phone calls and emails between the Renegade manager and Renegade, I was able to clarify the rental relationship without Renegade taking care of it. 6. Upon attempting to fill the third room of my apartment, I presented the future lessee to Ben (Renegade's pointing rep and my super) and Ben allegedly tried to take money from him in the process of refusing his 7-use.

I and the future flatmate have informed the Verwaltungsgesellschaft 8. Ben, Renegade's show attorney and my janitor, was driven out and the future lodger moves in. We' re now living in this awesome place, in a great place, with great administration, at a reasonable rate. Renegade as a business, if you can call it that, seems unbelievable, uncommunicative and non-professional.

It' s hard to say, but I felt that once I had committed myself to this trial, I could have been fooled at any time. That was my first New York rental, so it may be the case with all flats. However, between the invisible Clark, who is the Charlie of Charlie's Angels of Brooklyn Real Estate, who handles all the company's papers (good fortune trying to get him on the telephone or ever to see him, or letting him help you after you put down your money) and the dodgy agent who comes to your room with two or three different political groups without an appointment, I would strongly advise you to find a more serious way into a home now.

Their primary goal is to sign the rental agreement, but they never did. They failed instead and apologized, and the administration firm had to take charge of it. Unbelievably unpleasant and annoying for something that requires so much cash. So, if you are still considering working with Renegade, you should contact a landlord/management firm directly or look for other providers.

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