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Kingston's Hudson Valley Mall staff are here for you. Kingston, NY: Shelf Hudson Valley Mall 12 closure in August 2018

Regal Hudson Valley Mall 12 in Kingston, New York, closes on August 31, 2018, according to an recent Times Herald record article: Shelf Cinemas will soon shut down in the Hudson Valley Malls, although the center's owner is in negotiations with another theatre owner about the acquisition. On Monday, John Mulherin, VP of Governance with the center's owner, Hull Property Group of Augusta, Ga. announced that Regal has recently announced that it will leave the 12-screen theatre by August 31.

It is possible that another operators will come and take over, but if not, the cinema visitors will have to go to one of the other cinemas near by, as well as the Upstate Films - Rhinebeck and the Lyceum Six Cinemas. When you have a Royal Giftcard, you will want to do so soon, because the next Royal Cinema is the Royal Cinema Galleria Mall 16 in Poughkeepsie, which is about 24 mile away.

In order to see what is played when and to buy your ticket on-line, please go to Showtimes for Regal Hudson Valley Mall 12.

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Cinemas Kingston NY: Ulster Avenue 1300, Hudson Valley Mall.

You can use the maps and information below to find the nearest Royal Cinemas in your area. Would you like to know when the Regal Cinemas in Kingston open or close, or whether they are open 24/7? The Regal Entertainment Group, also known as Regal Cinemas or Regal Theaters, is a much-loved US cinema group.

With over 540 cinemas in 38 countries, the group is the biggest and most diversified cinema group in America. The most royal theatres are located in the most important metropolises and suburbs. Regal Entertainment Group, a listed corporation, operates on the NYSE as RGC. The head office is in Knoxville, TN.

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