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Reduced Shakespeare Company (RSC) is an US company of actors who perform quick, apparently improvisatory condensation of major themes. It was shortened es, The complete works of William Shakespeare (gekürzt) 1987, The complete story of America (gekürzt) 1992, The Bible : All the Great Books (gekürzt) 2002, The Completely Hollywood in 2005, "The Complete World of Sports (gekürzt)" 2010, The Ultimate Christmas Show (gekürzt) 2011, The Complete history of Comedy (gekürzt) 2013 et William Shakespeares Long Mystery (" gekürzt ") 2016.

It has toured the USA and the UK most often and has also played in Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Japan, China, Singapore, Barbados, Bermuda, Israel, Qatar and Ireland. Reduced Shakespeare is a frequent feature on both NPR and the BBC. Established in 1981 by Daniel Singer, who created a 25-minute four-actor adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, which was staged at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, California.

Writing a twenty-minute account of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, they perform it at Renaissance fairs, corner fairs, on the beach and at personal gatherings. 1987 a companion of the firm recommended a welcome ceremony at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland. For about an hours, they determined that they needed about twenty more moments of footage and recommended making Shakespeare's other 35 pieces to complete a summary of everything the minstrel had written in less than an hour. 2.

This Complete Works scripts was successfully performed for the first time in an open shed at the Paramount Ranch in Agoura, next to the grounds of the Southern Californian Renaissance Festival. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) performed for nine years at the Criterion Theatre, London West End, with the ensemble's third show, The Bible:

Acronym for The Complete Word of God, which forms part of the line-up for the last three years of the London race. Borgeson retired from the business in 1992 and was succeeded by Austin Tichenor. 1993 Long, Martin and Tichenor composed the second piece of the enterprise, The Complete Historical of America (abridged).

In 1995 the full Word of God (shortened). Tichenor, Long and Martin wrote a six-part radioseries entitled The Reduced Shakespeare radio show in 1994. Also in 1994 they made The Ring Reduced, a half-hour performance of Richard Wagner's opera Ring Cycle, as part of the Wagner seasons of Channel 4. The RSC released The Reduced Shakespeare Company Christmas in 1995, a recording for Christmas and other December celebrations.

At the turn of the 20th and 20th centuries Martin and Tichenor together with the composers Nick Graham composed The Complete Millennium Musical (abridged). In 2001, a DVD of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) was out. In 2001 John Knox/Westminster Press Martin and Tichenor also issued funny sacred memoirs called The Greatest Story Ever Soldi.

The Reduced Shakespeare Company released their second show on DVD, The Complete Story of America (abridged) at the Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma, California, in August 2005. and Tichenor's second novel, Reduced Shakespeare: Attention Impaired Reader's Guide to the World's Best Playwright (abridged) was released by Hyperion in 2006.

Reduced Shakespeare Company also launched its groundbreaking product in 2006. It' a free, 20-week-long, twenty-minute podcast available both on Apple's website and on the Reduced Shakespeare Company website. Reduced Shakespeare Company has been shortlisted for an Olivier Award in London, two Helen Hayes Awards, a Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Award and two podcasting awards.

In 2009, the companys Shorty Award for the outstanding use of Twitter by a cultural institution. 2010 Martin & Tichenor reduced the first five seasons of the successful TV show Lot to a comic ten-minute run for Sky TV in the UK. You played loss reduced with Matt Rippy.

In 2002 Martin and Tichenor produced the fifth show All the Great Books (shortened), followed by Completely Hollywood (shortened) in 2005. Martin and Tichenor's Complete World of Sports (abridged) made its debut in 2010 and Tichenor also performed at the New Victory Theater in New York City, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and the Arts Theatre in London.

RSC gave the premiere of The Ultimate Christmas (abridged) 2011 at the Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Lowell, MA and staged the show at the San Diego Repertory Theatre 2012. The Complete Story of Comedy (abridged) had its premiere in November 2013 with a seven-week run at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, which will be followed by a one-month run at the Merrimack Repertory Theatre from April 2014.

A councillor from Newtownabbey of the Democratic Unionist Party has denounced the sacrilegious character of the shows and said: "I would call for it to be drawn under popular caution. In April/May 2016, the RSC celebrated the première of "William Shakespeare's Long D.C. first game ( "abridged") at the Folger Shakespeare Theater in Washington DC, followed by the Europe première at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016.

In the 2017 edition of the Guinness Book of Guinness Record Holdings, the RSC was presented for the Guinness Record Hold for the longest Shakespeare show in the West End with 3744 shows between March 7, 1996 and April 3, 2005 at the Criterion Theatre and for the highest theatre production - for the RSC show on board an EasyJet plane from London to Verona for Shakespeare's 2014 centenary.

"DUP man Billy Ball demands an end to the unsanctified game that derides the Bible." BBC News, N. Ireland, January 27, 2014, "Newtownabbey Canada cancels the ruling to call off the game. Andrew Johnston, "Bible band it jouer une nuit joyeuse de la nuit de la Gooofy gags", Belfast Telegraph, 30. Janvier 2014.

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