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Disabled access, credit cards accepted. New York Genealogie-Genealogie-Genealogie, comté de Dutchess, New York. St. Paul's Lutheran and Red Hook, NY at Rhinebeck Story - Free. In order to find further republished and transcripted data sets for Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York Genealogy check: This is Gordon L.

Remington, New York Towns, Villages, and Cities: Guide to Genealogical Resources (Boston : New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2002). Alphabetic listing with date of foundation if there is a city story, springs of churches and cemeteries and a civil war registry (TCR).

You can find the code used under Church and Cemetery in the list of places and cemeteries.

The Red Hook, NY.

Terrific collegiate city! Located near Bard Colleges, the city has a very artistic atmosphere and the business is run entirely by small-scale, locally based companies. The place is full of nature's beautiful. There are a wide range of wild animals such as stags, turkeys, card-inals and red-shouldered buzzards.

Blithewood, another interesting historic site, offers a scenic view of the Hudson Riviera and is situated on the Bard College campsite. It is a great city to grow up in, with a sound system of government schools, large groups and easy acces to the NYC and Catskill hills.

Though it can be quite simple to get tired of a small city like Red Hook, there's always something going on when you're ready to look for something.

Regional Facilities Listing DJJOY - New York State Office of Children & Family Services

The Redhook Residential Center is situated in Dutchess County, about 26 leagues from Poughkeepsie town. Young people who have been serving at the RHRC are generally men between the age of 12 and 18 who have been accommodated at OCFS by the New York State Family Courts. As well as a strong emphasis on trauma-informed nursing, RHRC is known throughout the state for its capacity to work efficiently with gays, bisexuals, transgenders and young people who ask questions.

Customized advice: Every young adult is given at least once a week personal counselling by a certified counsellor or shrink. People with significant psychological needs are advised more often. Clinics also try to get the young people's relatives involved in advising them on their relatives, either in private or by means of a phone call. Team counselling: The groups are conceived to suit the needs of young people, but usually comprise Trauma Recovery, Substance Abuse Treatment, DBT and Sanctuary Groups.

Further groups are Anger and Caseload Group. Every week, each young person also receives personal counselling from their counsellor, who helps with behavior control, launch scheduling and teamwork. In addition, each young person is allocated a tutor who will meet with them once a week to help them make headway and set an example.

Technical Assistance Meeting: They take place every month for each young person and comprise the young person, his clinic, kindergarten teacher, case management, nursing staff, parents and after-care assistant. The young person will identify his or her own objectives and the group identify which programme assistance can help him or her to achieve them. The RHRC provides a fun all-day programme with the possibility of receiving credit that is returned to the young people's home schools after release.

Our health care staff offers a full spectrum of care and support, which includes twice-daily "patient visits", exercise, laboratory work, vaccinations and referral to professionals, such as dentists. Monthly excursions to the village are used as a reward and includes films, bowl and other recreational time. The Red Hook Residential Center is known for its offer of enhanced programs such as Yogic, videoproduction, audio recordings, photographing, gardening, percussion, music lessons, motivation speeches and specific parties.

Ministry ministries and counselling are available to all young people on demand. Care teams work in close cooperation with the local population, the parent and the care group ( "CST") to make sure that people and their family members get the assistance they need to get back into the fellowship on time and successfully.

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