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Weekly Red Hat Restaurant Menu

This is Red Hat on the River, Irvington. It was marvelous. I ordered from the menu of the restaurant. Please note that some participating restaurants do not offer the offer on weekends or only with a special lunch menu. The" Restaurant Week" menu was limited (as in all restaurants participating in this promotion), but a decent selection.

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Seating in on a splendid overnight is not a flaw, as it is a well design-style restaurant and the partition along the back/water is all the windows in it. First we had a lettuce of cesar, and then a tartare of tattar tunas, both tasty and refreshing. The" pudding" with which it was poured was exquisite.

On the whole a really lovely supper - think that next year we will try more starters and jump over the starters. NOTICE: 2 star for the views and 2 star for the meal, that's all I could do. Unfortunately it was a little overcast today and they used it as an occasion not to provide seats outside (although it was 80°C outside without rain).... so the inside views were stunning, I can only picture the outdoors.

Meal: ordered the prawn pie, which was a little bitter but delicious.... the scallop soup was cooked over like stone boils over heavily - it was a felony to give these clams to humans. Like the name says, this is a slice of hottest property with a breathtaking Hudson River views.

And almost from top to bottom window, bringing all the nice sunlight. So, it was dinner. Red.... tucked us in when it came to her caterer. And I liked the subtile phrases in French: from the window to the meal and down to the golden partitions. No, not for dinner, unless you're afoot! There were six of us at luncheon and were turned away from the car park; the car park at the railway terminal was totally full - no place that could be reached on foot.

Unfortunately, as it had been a favourite for lunches, with each of the six in this particular group taking customers to lunches from and about. He called the restaurant to make a complaint and said, "There's nothing we can do about it. Dinner was great. We' ve ordered the caesar lettuce and prawn pie as an appetizer.

Those shrimp pies were one of the best I ever had. That was our third one and everything was great once again. As an appetizer we served roasted prawn cake and homemade rillets - tasty. The starters were Osso Bucco (SO tender) and Hanger Steak (perfectly cooked) with red vine selection and fries (nice crispy).

Besides the excellent meal, the services were great. Sitting on the lobby floor in a small niche that felt so intimate, but also had a great look at the riverbank and the canteen. For a great eating experience, this is Red Hat on the river.

That has been our going to place in sommer..... nice setup, great sights. Dinner is fine, the menu is restricted, but it's about the situation and the view of the Hudson River, the Palisades, the Tappan Zee River and the city while outside on the terrace. Very unhygienic move for a restaurant to allow dogs....and there is a clear notice right in front of us saying that no pets are permitted, but Red Hat allows pets.

And not to forget the waiter who came with a dish of dogs and then handled the mooze. It is unnecessary to say that we did not have a good time tonight, which is too good, as we were looking forward to it all week. It was my favourite restaurant for many years.

I was there last evening for the celebration supper and my missus went away in awe. Serving is not so crunchy, the menu was less French, the customers were much more relaxed (children in sweatshirts). Winning my wife's hen, usually a win, seemed weary and was not the same tasty meal she had eaten a couple dozens of years before.

There' s too many other good places to pay $140 for a two-person supper when they're missing again. Very full in good weathers, but with a great panoramic sight. Eating is tasty - some things are better than others. Shrimp pie was good, and very good stew of cod. Loaf of bred is tasty! I' ve never been to this restaurant before, but I can say I was very upset.

I was not only puzzled about the menu items, I was also refused dinner. He was a very kind and highly qualified executive. Presenting the dishes was very beautiful and attractive. All in all, the waiters were terrible, but the meals were good. I had a lovely luncheon there for the restaurant week.

It was marvelous. I ordered from the menu of the restaurant. It tastes even better. It was a very tasty and delicate piece of meat, prepared just the way I like it. That chimichurri dressing on the side was just the thing. But I can't say enough about how lovely the views are here.

That was the speed of the whole meal-services. Not much attentiveness because we were in this dedicated happiness, but it was at moments with an empty drink or the desire to order something and need a tool and wait to ask someone while the meal became chill. Once here, didn't think the event would be as good as the first one, it was better!

First, I would like to say that the manager (did not understand his name) is very good, he was there both occasions when I went to the restaurant. There was a little problem when we first had a meal here, and he solved the problem quickly and gave us a post-meal beverage. For the second in a while, when we got there a little early than booked, we had a little snack and thought we'd explore the landscape and take a walk outside.

Forgetting I had forgotten the serviettes the boss was noticing, I took the serviettes along with a beautiful dish of crisps they had to serve. During the meal he also watched the setting sundown, lowering the shutters so that the sundown was not directly in our view. Meal was as good as the first one.

So, I came here with my pardner this evening to have an jubilee supper together. We' ve made the menu of the restaurant week and it was definitely rewarding. I got the cream pumkin jar, I think it was named? This restaurant itself is located in a nice area and the interior was so neat that it was amazing.

We' dined out of the restaurant without having supper. We had a great meal and the service was very kind. But the restaurant itself is very enchanting. It'?s the ideal party for your family. And the best places to eat are the ones you want to go back to because you are welcome.... and the meal is fantastic.

On this occasion it was the sea bass cooked with a little bit of sea salt water and soybean. The Hudson terrace by the riverbank is ideal for those of you in a New York State of Minds. Third, I'm not a shellfish dinner and the menu there is very limited. They also feel that the menu is not changing.

My mum and dad are my regular guests and the meal is marvellous and the nice situation directly at the Hudson!

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