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River Restaurant Week Menu red hat

This is Red Hat On The River. " The food, the atmosphere, the furnishings couldn't have been more appealing. That restaurant is a honey. Would you like to visit Red Hat by the river in Irvington? Booking now with Red Hat on the River in Irvington, NY.

The menu

The Red Hat offer began with and will always comprise classic Frenchs like moule fries, grilled meats, ribs and pro-fierte. They are loved by our customers and are on the menu all year round. The menu has been developed to reflect the influence of national cuisine. Aux Les Halles" Colorado leg of lamb "Osso Buco" MONES FITES "Aux les Halles".

On the River Menu - the stylish Hudsson

I' ve wanted to try Red Hat on the river for some considerable amount of while, so I thought the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week would be a good week for it. This cosy and upscale restaurant is located on the Hudson River in the picturesque city of Irvington, NY. Though it was a cool evening, this did not prevent me from enjoying the breathtaking views of the Manhattan ski line from outside the restaurant.

He was an outstanding barkeeper and I was enjoying the most delicious chocolate of pears together with the delicious yam crisps at the cafe. As it was our turn to make our reservations, they put us on the top where we were enjoying our supper in the quiet atmoshere. Served for supper, the mini-baguettes contribute to the French-influenced restaurant's realism.

I' ve decided to order from the menu of the restaurant week and my man has ordered from the menu of the Tradition. Both of us started with the delicious and tasty onionsoup. Seldom do I have the enjoyment of eating soups with fried onions in a restaurant, because most places prepare them with stock, and I don't have red onions.

However, Red Hat On The River produced a tasty vegetable stew that could saturate the palette of predators, veggie eaters and everyone else in between. I had the Pan-Roasted Free Range chickens as the entrée. It was my man who ordered the'Banh Mi' Style Beef Sandwich and loved every morsel! I' m especially pleased that Red Hat is supporting grassroots companies.... what a great way to encourage shopping in Hudson Valley!

After leaving the restaurant, we felt very full and happy. Hopefully I will come back soon and taste more of the specialities of this beautiful restaurant. The restaurant week ends on 17.11.13. It is strongly recommended to try one of the many astonishing featured places! This is a hyperlink to the Red Hat On the River website: This is a hyperlink to Red Hat On the River's Restaurant Week Menu:

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