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VUHRED, SPODNJA ORLICA 113 qm, villa, free-standing, built in 1904, renovated,..... 174,1 qm ZRKOVCI, building, terrace, built in 2007, 240 qm..... Buoye 150 qm, building, terraced, built 1900, renovated..... OMI?ALJ, NJIVICE omi?alj, njivice 74 qm, flat, 4,5 rooms, built in 2014, floor..... 33,6 qm, flat, one room, built in 2005, large....

OMI?ALJ, NJIVICE omi?alj, njivice 30 sq. m, flat, 2,5 rooms, built in 1996, floor..... OMI?ALJ, NJIVICE omi?alj, njivice 57 sq. m, flat, 2,5 rooms, built 1990,..... biljski gaj 36.4 sq. m. flat, study, built in 2013, land.....

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What is the purpose of a caretaker? Discover what happens behind the scenery of the facility managers....... It can be difficult to move home, but if you check everything on this checklist, in your new home..... When all your real estate is administered by different real estate agents, it may be that you are looking for some great.....


Between anxiety and hopes - can the Aussie real estate industry keep up its three decades-dreaming? The HNA Group, the China based diversified group that sells asset to repay debts, is investigating a Radisson Hotel Group disposal, according to the crowd who are well acquainted with the case. Inter Milan, the Milanese soccer giants, has joined forces with an Aussie child care worker from Hong Kong to run soccer camp.

VGI, a Sydney-based investment company, has increased its stake in Queensland's largest market place and demanded changes in the company's organizational structures and control. Real estate managment, the untouched champion of housing real estate service, will finance consolidations in a weakening area. Housing in Geelong, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Wollongong have risen by up to 20 percent as more and better outdoor living is sought.....

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