Quick Day Trips from Nyc

Fast day trips from Nyc

On a short trip to the beach, go to this beach section in Queens. Making a day trip from New York to Niagara Falls: Meet your family and friends - it's time to leave home and choose one of these winter day trips from NYC. New York City Quick Facts, Washington DC Day Trip. City Harbor is a fast and easy day trip away from the concrete jungle.

NYC Day Trips, New York City Excursions

Everybody has to run away from the Beton jungles from and to. Our central town also offers car-free, simple, cheap and comfortable day trips. You only need a free Saturday, a few of your buddies and a feeling of adventurousness, and you can easily run away to the beach for surfing and sandy beaches, enchanting riverside cities or vintage promenades.

We have put together some excellent day trips for the outdoors, gourmets, architectural and artistic enthusiasts, adventurers and musical-loving people. There are many great things to do for the budget-conscious and the high-rollers (and everyone in between). This week-end.

Day Trips from New York - New York City Forum

Since we have 12 nights in New York and cover the attractions, I was thinking if there are any sensible day trips from New York (maybe hiding jewels before the end of the subway). We' re already seeing buddies to go to Fire Island for a week-end and we' re hoping to go to Coney Island/Brighton Beach (I know some folks make day trips to Niagra, but too far for us - if I want to come, I'll stick around).

Guides are covering the subway, but never coaches! P.S. Staten Island - all the guides say to turn around and come back directly, but there must be something interesting in a good hiking/bus trip from the boat? but there are some things of interest to you, according to the season.

The Bronx Zoo and the NY Botanical Garden opposite. The metro/buses or the Metro Nord can be used from Grand Central. Longshore on Long Island is an easiest day out on the Long Island Railroad for a day on the shore. Penn Stations on 33rd and Seventh Avenues.

Most of them are day trips from Manhattan. Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and SI are part of NYC. I' d put Wave Hill on a listing of places and I like the Alice Austin House and Snug Harbor on Staten Island and the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Brooklyn Museums.

The NJ Padh Railway to Hoboken, just opposite the Hudson, is fast and inexpensive. Sailing off Manhattan's 32rd and 36th Avenue, the Pathway stopped at 93rd, 23th, 14th, 09th and Christopher Street before arriving at Hoboken. Born in Hoboken, the scene of the movie ON THE WEATERFRONT, Frank Sinatra has a beautiful view of Manhattan from the water.

Touring the Hudson River Valley or Long Island vineyards can be beautiful, thanks for all the great things - I'm sure there will be a lot to do anyway and already had the Bronx and Queens (places accessible by subway) on our itinerary. Do Manhattan's buses stop at supermarkets?

and then a quick coach trip. They have some great places to eat and it's an endless stroll. The Culinary Institute of America is situated at FDR and Vanderbilt Mansions.

Definitely a great day out. Easy to reach by public transport. The Hamptons and Montauk Point are a few miles eastwards of New York. Or drive to the North Fork to visit the various vineyards on Long Island.

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